#30Under30PHL - Molly Hayward

Today is Day 8 of our #30Under30PHL where we highlight the city of Philadelphia's most amazing women. Today we have Molly Hayward - a fresh of breath air to Philly's startup community (she recently won Startup Of The Year for her company Cora at the Philadelphia Geek Awards!). We've already highlighted her on our site, but learn more about this amazing lady below!

1. How old are you? 26

2. What do you do? I'm the Founder of Cora (corawomen.com), a monthly subscription box for organic feminine hygiene products. For every monthly box we ship to a woman in North America, we provide a month's supply of sustainable sanitary pads to a girl in a developing country so she can stay in school during her period.

3. What neighborhood in Philly do you call home? I've lived in or around the city for most of my life--I feel at home pretty much everywhere.

4. What is your favorite thing right now about Philly? The way the city feels like it's coming into its own. From art to startups to music to food, the whole city feels like it's arrived. It no longer feels like a poor (wo)man's New York City, it feels like a unique and valuable place in and of itself.

5. What do you consider your greatest achievement thus far? Maintaining my good humor while bootstrapping and building a company from the ground up--my hat goes off to every woman who's wrestling this breed of bear.

6. If not yourself, who would you like to be? Am I the 30th woman to say "Angelina Jolie"?

7. Your idea of happiness. Drinking wine by a fire with people I love under a giant moon.

8. Guiltiest pleasure? TV and documentary marathons

9. Favorite inspirational quote? "Stop acting so small--you are the universe in ecstatic motion." - Rumi

10. What do you appreciate the most in your friends? The way they pick me up when I've hit the ground.

11. Favorite food in Philly? The juice at P.S. & Company in Rittenhouse

12. Favorite drink in Philly? The "Aviation" cocktail at SouthWark

13. Favorite song right now? Sia - Elastic Heart

14. A book you plan on reading? The Female Eunuch by Germain Greer

15. A book that powerfully impacted your life? Loving What Is by Byron Katie

16. Name one historical figure you would like to have coffee with. Simone DeBeauvoir

17. How do you like your coffee? Cream, no sugar

18. Your main fault. Fear of vulnerability

19. What is your most prized material possession? A bronze statue of the goddess Kali that I brought back from India

20. Your biggest failure. There are too many to name just one...

21. What you learned from that failure? With every failure I get to know myself a little better--I get a slightly better sense of what I'm made of, and how I can grow and be better.

22. What is your greatest fear? Being ordinary.

23. Where will you be in 30 years? Hopefully sitting on a beach somewhere with nothing to do

24. Favorite thing to do on a Sunday? Hike in the woods with my dog, hit the farmer's market, and then read and be lazy the rest of the day.

25. Best date spot? BYOB in Washington Square Park

26. What does happiness mean to you? Peace, freedom, love, abundance, and joy.

27. Twitter or Instagram? Instagram!

28. Describe Philly in a Tweet. #Philadelphia: #eat #love #pray that's not the #PPA

29. Who should everyone follow on Instagram? Greg Vore

30. Pats or Genos? Is there a third option yet??

#30Under30PHL is a month-long series highlighting Philadelphia’s most ambitious women. Created in collaboration with Femme & Fortune and Alex Kacala.