How To Look Expensive For Under $100

Move over, trendy, (way-too-expensive) tops. You’re cute but I’d rather invest in something that'll carry me far. (Like business and shoes.) Whether you need to make an impression for an interview, to impress your date, (or yourself), the single most important thing you need is yourself — your confidence, your smarts, self love, and a smile.

Oh, you already knew that you beautiful, smart, career-driven, confident creature. But… does your wardrobe reflect your unique sense of style without breaking the bank?


The perfect pieces instantly demand attention without being over-the-top. Dressing for an interview or presentation? In order to get that foot in the door, you have to fit the part. Squeezing in a girldate-slash-meeting-slash-dinner hour with your best friend or mentor? You need a versatile wardrobe that works with your busy life. Who has time for fussy outfits?

Perfect Pieces

My favorite pieces are subtly sexy and strikingly gorgeous, yet oh-so-ordinary. Trendy. Classic. Simple. And affordable. Perfect for any aspiring femme!

Nothing speaks elegance and sophistication more than a classic (but unique) look. And nothing is more universally attractive than a versatile style that stays true to itself... yet fits in with the context. (Yes, my dear femme, you need to build a strategic wardrobe.)

Here are some wardrobe tips for beginner femmes:

1) Neutral Colors 


I love, love, love nude and black. (Or white and black.) Styles with neutral colors speak “balance” which not only give the impression of luxury, but makes you feel lighter, more fluid, and even inspired and more productive. Once you master a neutral wardrobe, you'll be able to strategically pair with prints and experiment with color.

Historically, the fanciest of folks enjoyed a balanced life (that oozes of luxury.) A balanced life equals a balanced mind and a balanced environment. Seek a balanced sense of style by reminding yourself to literally dress in balance. Your workday (or any day) will only be more productive and inspiring.

The key to pulling off any wardrobe is to look effortless. That’s why “luxury” is a life-style. Luxury isn’t expensive. Luxury is a state of mind. Peace within oneself. A way of living. So invest wisely in basics; they are your wardrobe’s foundation pieces.

2) Pick a color… Or two. But no more than three. 

Along the same philosophy of “balanced” lifestyles, the most expensive things in life are highly refined — to the point of simplicity. It’s important to be balanced and appreciate the beauty of simplicity. As soon as you master a balanced life-style, you ooze luxury in your strut. No longer are you concerned or bothered with the stresses of the day-to-day. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin and you’re distracted with second thoughts on whether or not the hot pink clashes with the purple or if the red is too red, you’re putting your confidence, your life-style, and your luxurious aura at risk.

3. Charm. Charisma. And Cuffs.

Okay, fine. Those aren’t wardrobe pieces, but they are very important elements for every wardrobe no matter how fancy or low-key the occasion. Whether you are going to the movies (or fancier, the theatre), strolling through the park, or rushing to a grand ball (I mean, dinner party with friends), you have to make room for a dash of charm and a sprinkle of charisma. In other words, it’s how you wear the outfit: how you walk in those shoes, how the fabric drapes along your curves, and how you style certain details such as buttons, tucks, cuffs, and accessories. These details define the lines of whether your outfit will make it or break it. So pay attention to details. Be refined.

4. Manicure. Mandatory.

Nude Nails

Always, always, always have manicured nails. But don’t go for over-the-top, faux nails. Nothing screams, “Look at me! My personality is shrieking like a mad cat sharpening its nails on a chalkboard.” Opt for short, easy-to-maintain nails. Healthy cuticles are key.

Remember Rule #1 about neutral colors? Good news. It doesn’t apply to nails. So feel free to experiment with fun colors. We won’t count “glitter” as a color… but if going with glitter, be careful not to overdo it. If you don’t have time for color, just go bare with either nicely buffed nails or a quick clear coat for a simple shine. Nothing is more embarrassing than chipped nails and untamed cuticles.

5. Simple Shoes


Feel free to go crazy in the shoe department. There are no restrictions! But if I have to suggest my top go-to’s for footwear they would be nude or black heels (and a pair of back-up flats professionally concealed in a pocketbook for emergencies.) Scout local consignment boutiques for gently worn items. I easily score designer labels that range from $14 – $40.

6. Make-up: Eyes or lips. (Pick one.)

For a clean, well-put together look that not only compliments the style you’re aiming for but also dramatizes your best features, go for the truly ultimate glamorous look by choosing either one or the other to highlight. I know. It’s a toughie but it has to be done. Eyes or lips? Eyes or lips? Pick one.

7. Accessories: Earrings or necklace. (Pick one.)


This rule is a modified rule from the previous. You can wear both: earrings and necklace. However, only one of those pieces can be extravagant (aka statement pieces.) Depending on your outfit and hairstyle, you’ll know which piece to play up. For example: chandelier earrings for an up-do or a beautiful statement necklace that compliments the neckline and décolletage. If you’re unsure about which piece to dress up, opt for neither. A simple stud and simple necklace or none at all is classic and flattering.

The most fortunate folks (aka movie stars and such) are the “most admired, most attractive, and most loved” creatures in the world. Or so it seems. They ooze a magnetic stride when they walk; charisma when they talk. However, never compare yourself to others. And, sure, life might be a bit more fun if we can afford to fancy the finer things… however, true luxury is an experience, a feeling, a state of mind, and a lot of self-love. Happy shopping femmes!

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