A New Type Of Workout Plan With City Fit Girls

When it comes to being a powerhouse female, there are a few things we tend to sacrifice. Spending time with friends and family, "me" time, and personal health and fitness are all typical aspects that we overlook as we build our empire. When it comes to staying healthy and in shape, joining a gym may be too intimidating for some.

Enter City Fit Girls - a "results-driven fitness and wellness service based in Philadelphia." With services of personal training, group fitness, and nutrition support, City Fit Girls is onto a new movement of easy, affordable and fun fitness for femmes likes us. I got to sit down and chat with the co-founders Takia McClendon and Kiera Smalls about their business, mission, and goals for the upcoming year. I also recently joined in on one of their popular group fitness bootcamps at the Philadelphia Art Museum and absolutely loved the group mentality. Regardless of age or size, everyone was having a great time while working out in a judgement-free zone. Working out has never been so fun nor easy! Keep reading for the interview with City Fit Girls!

Femme & Fortune: CityFitGirls seems a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Tell us about your business. What is it exactly that makes CityFitGirls different from other types of businesses (say, a gym?)

City Fit Girls: City Fit Girls' mission is to inspire, uplift, encourage, and motivate others to live healthy lives at home, work, and social settings. We're different from traditional fitness/wellness businesses because our goal is to create a community. Our bootcamps, programs, and workshops are all centered around fitness, nutrition, and wellness but we also aim to make networking, accountability, and collaboration a part of our fabric.

yoga-session2Femme & Fortune: What inspired you to start City Fit Girls?

City Fit Girls: Our co-founder Kiera had battled with weight issues since childhood. She tried to lose weight in college but had a hard time losing and sustaining it. After we both graduated from college, we decided to come up with a healthy weight loss plan that was specific to her needs. 100 pounds later, our friends and family members all wanted to know "our secret." We began holding free bootcamps and nutrition programs throughout the city before finally turning City Fit Girls into a business.

Femme & Fortune: We absolutely love the variety of services and programs you offer. Tell us more about them. 

City Fit Girls: City Fit Girls Bootcamp is currently offered outdoors at the Art Museum Steps. Bootcamps are great for individuals or groups who want to work out and meet new people. Bootcamp is offered as a monthly package or you can drop in (at a higher rate).

Meal Planning 101 is our 4-Week Online program that teaches participants how to meal plan and prep their meals in advance. It comes with a 30+ page guide and weekly lessons that cover everything from grocery store layout to cooking quinoa and greens. It is not a diet plan or a weight loss plan; instead, it gives participants to make healthier decisions based on their current lifestyle.

Club Cardio is our winter indoor class. It's a 45 minute up-tempo workout to today's hottest club music. Details about this season's Club Cardio session will be available soon!

We also offer workplace wellness/fitness programs and personal training services.

Femme & Fortune: Which of these services and programs are your favorite? And why?

City Fit Girls: Our favorite programs are definitely our bootcamps and Club Cardio classes. City Fit Girls is all about inspiration and motivation and you see a lot of that in our group fitness classes.

Femme & Fortune:  Obviously, eating healthy and staying fit is important. But why is it even more important for young women to be active and eat healthy, especially those of us who lead such busy lives?

City Fit Girls: We tell our clients all the time: Fitness starts in the kitchen. If you want to get in better shape, you have to be willing to make dietary changes. A healthy diet is important because it helps give your body the nutrients it needs to function properly, especially for active women. If you spend a lot of time being active without adopting a healthy diet, you won't see many results or you'll even experience negative results by not fueling yourself properly.

Femme & Fortune: What motivational tips do you have for our readers who are not as active as they'd like to be?

City Fit Girls: We recently wrote a blog post on Five Tips To Motivate You To Workout over on our blog. It was recently featured on 6ABC, so check it out!

md8Femme & Fortune: And what tips do you have for some of us who are already active but are looking to challenge themselves?

City Fit Girls: Sign up for a class or race that you've never done before! It's very easy to get in the habit of doing the same workout routine but trying a spin class, swim session, dance, etc. will be great to break up your normal routine. It will help you strengthen muscles in new areas. You can also sign up for a long distance race or fitness contest.

Femme & Fortune: We absolutely LOVE your Brand Ambassador Team! Tell us. Who are they and what values do they share with the community? 

City Fit Girls: City Fit Girls Ambassadors are an amazing group of women who inspire, uplift, encourage, and motivate women to live healthy loves. They make an impact in their respective communities through promoting fitness, wellness, and/or nutrition. You can learn more about each of them at our website.

Femme & Fortune: Just curious. Are you looking to grow your Brand Ambassador Team? If so, how can our readers find out how they can become a Brand Ambassador?

City Fit Girls: We will definitely be looking to grow our ambassador team in the near future! Follow City Fit Girls on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @cityfitgirls for announcements about the ambassador program.

FitRetreatFemme & Fortune: What upcoming events or programs do you have that you definitely encourage our readers to check out?

City Fit Girls: FitRetreat! FitRetreat is a full day of fitness sessions, wellness, nutrition, and motivational workshops! FitRetreat is designed to help and motivate you along your healthy living journey! On August 23rd, women from all around the Philadelphia region will come together for a day of fun and fitness! FitRetreat is sponsored by Ryan Crown's Juice Club, SweetGreen, Whole Foods, 22 Days Nutrition, Nature's Bakery and Philly PR Girl.

Femme & Fortune: City Fit Girls is a lifestyle community. Tell us why it's important for women to motivate each other?

City Fit Girls: When it comes to body image, weight loss, and fitness, there's so many expectations that women are forced to live up to. Our community thrives because we promote living by our own standards and setting our own expectations. Our network is filled with women from different backgrounds and experiences. Each person has their own story, made their own set of mistakes, and accomplished their own goals that can contribute to someone else's goal so it's important for us to maintain a community where networking is key and we motivate each other.

Femme & Fortune: Thank you so much for the inspiration. Our readers are on their ways to a healthy, fit, and active lifestyle! Is there anything else you want to share with them that we didn't have a chance to ask?

City Fit Girls: We received a lot of questions about t-shirts and fitness apparel offerings and we're excited to announce that we'll be dropping a fall fitness line very soon!

Thank you again to Kiera and Takia for taking time out of their day to inspire us in a more healthy and active lifestyle. For more information, make sure to check out City Fit Girls asap!