The Bronze Age - Interview with Ashley Piotrowski

It's never too late to add a little bronze into your life. Recent "Best of Philly" winner for Best Spray Tan, owner Ashley Piotrowski of The Bronzed Bee sat down with us to chat about her business, her fabulous garden parties, and so much more. We loved the ambition and positive attitude in this local entrepreneur, and we're sure you will too. Keep reading to learn more about Ashley and The Bronzed Bee! Bronzed Bee-29Femme & Fortune: First question. Let's start with the basics. How long have you been in business or when did you start?

Ashley: I opened The Bronzed Bee in January of this year.

Femme & Fortune: What do you like best about running a business in Philadelphia?

Ashley: I love how excited and supportive Philadelphians have been about supporting a small business.  My favorite part about opening my own business is the fact that I literally put a sign outside and the coolest people have been flowing in ever since.  I've met some absolutely amazing people in the last 6 months! Philly rocks!

Femme & Fortune: We love the name "The Bronzed Bee!" How did you come up with such a clever name for your business?

Ashley: My mom did! She’s my #1 supporter and always gives me the best ideas, including our name. I don’t think we even entertained another one; it’s always been The Bronzed Bee since day one. I love that from over 1,000 miles away my mom is still such a huge part of the business.

Bronzed Bee-28Femme & Fortune: It's a lot of work being a business owner. You're constantly busy (like a bee). So in your downtime, what are some of your favorite activities away from your job?

Ashley: Ha, funny question. Honestly there is very little separation when it comes to The Bronzed Bee and home; my family and I are always strategizing and striving to grow my business and to make it bigger. However, when I have time to myself I love going to hot yoga; it’s my release. And on the weekends we really enjoy going to our house at the shore.

Femme & Fortune: What are some of the challenges of running a business in such a competitive city? And how did you handle those challenges? 

Bronzed BeeAshley: Surprisingly we haven’t had too many challenges. Everything seems to fall into place when it needs to. We have been very lucky!

I think our business is unique, in that there is no other strictly waxing and airbrush-tanning place in the city.

Femme & Fortune: What advice do you have for others who want to start their own small businesses in the city?

Ashley: GO FOR IT!!!!!!! Shoot for the moon—worst-case scenario, you’ll land among the stars.  Cheesy, I know.

Femme & Fortune: When we think of spas and salons, we dream of experiencing the whole "package" on the menu. Why is it important to take care of ourselves -- both inside and outside?

Ashley: It's so crucial to occasionally pamper yourself.  We’re so busy taking care of other things, that often times we neglect ourselves. I don’t offer facials or massages, but I highly recommend that everyone splurge on spa services at least quarterly; you’re mind and body will thank you!

When you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside; you want to go out into the world and give it your best shot.

Bronzed Bee-14Femme & Fortune: Tell us about your garden parties and any upcoming projects you have in the works!

Ashley: The garden pamper parties are a unique twist on your average girls night out and spray tanning party.  We have a beautiful garden out back where guests can mingle while other guests are being sprayed and/or waxed.  B Wilson, owner of Just B Beautiful comes fully equipped with her glam squad and can provide guest with anything from makeup & hair to henna tattoos. We have fabulous sponsors too: Tito’s Vodka and our neighbor Pamcakes! It’s a really fun way to get ready for a bachelorette party or treat your bridal party before the big day.

As for upcoming projects, since winning Best of Philly (well even before) we are really busy so we are planning a build-out to expand our shop in the next few weeks.  I refuse to turn clients away, so it’ll be nice to have the extra treatment rooms!

Femme & Fortune: Finally, what would you like to share with our readers that we may not have had a chance to ask?

Ashley: Just that we welcome everyone….men and women!  Buzz in and see us!