You Want the Job – Now What?

You hear about a job opportunity and think you're the perfect fit. So what's the next step? Do you email your resume and hope for the best? Not in today’s world. The days of merely sending a blind resume and waiting for a phone call are long gone. Unless you are one of those super lucky gals, in which case, we envy you. But most of us are going to have to work. Today we live in a world where action takes precedent over any card stocked resume and well wishes from parents.

Lets start at the beginning. Here are six steps to follow when you begin your job search!

  1. When you find a job you are interested in, jump on it immediately. Employers post open positions for a limited time only before their pool of applicants become too much to handle.  Do not miss the  chance to work at your dream company by waiting to send in your resume and apply.
  2. Research people you may know at the company on the company website, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. If you have a connection, try to ask questions on who is in charge of hiring and try to gain a better understanding of the position. Work your magic to have someone speak on your behalf because that means more today than ever before.
  3. Gussy up your resume and cover letter to fit each job description. We know – it's tedious and time consuming. But it's a very necessary task to do before you send out that amazing cover letter to the wrong CEO.  Another helpful tip is to read each job description you're interested in, and pull out keywords to add to your resume and cover letter. Most online applications are scanned by an automated system that immediately rids unqualified applicants. As with any automated system, it isn’t foolproof and can delete your application from the pool of "maybes" if your resume lacks relevant keywords.
  4. Update your online profiles – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and personal website or blog. Let’s say your cover letter and resume piqued interest from the hiring manager, and now they want to know more about you. They'll most likely head straight to Google, so make yourself easy to find online with ties to your chosen industry by posting articles, commenting on industry subjects, and showing off your knowledge on social media.
  5. Prepare yourself for the interview. No one wants to hear a rehearsed paragraph about how you think you'd be the "perfect fit for the job because of A, B, and C." Be genuine, honest and open when you have your interview, because most hiring managers are looking for potential employees who fit more into the corporate culture of the company first. Set up a mock interview with a friend before the big day so that you can get your language and points down.
  6. Day of the interview – well, that’s just a post for another day. All we can say for now is take a deep breathe and be confident!

Now that you have a few tips on how to get noticed for your dream job, tell us what you think. What are key pieces of job-hunting advice that you live by?