Bachelor of the Week - Justin Jarrett

The summer days are long and hot, so without further adieu meet our latest bachelor! His name is Justin and his work and smile speak for themselves. Justin - Bachelor of the Week - Femme & Fortune

1) Name / Occupation / Hometown  Justin Jarrett / Principal Creative Director + Filmmaker at JTwo and FullCircle Intermedia / Milton, PA

2) Explain your ideal first date: I'm not usually a fan of traditional first dates...but anything involving food is usually a good start. From there expect the unexpected.

3) Online dating - yay or nay? Any successes if you’ve dabbled in it? Nay....Two Words: Manti Te'o

4) What are some traits you look for in a partner? She has to be a dreamer...I have always been driven by my dreams and goals and I believe it takes someone with similar aspirations to understand the ups and downs that come with that lifestyle...but then again, I am single so what would I know?

5) Do you have a guilty pleasure? I would have to say my guilty pleasure could be described as an affinity for shoes...Air Jordans specifically. I have been collecting them since the time I was 10 and have well over a hundred pairs. I also love watches, but I am just starting to get into all of the nuances.

6) What are your favorite spots around Philadelphia? My favorite spot in the city would definitely have to be Washington Square Park. It's always quiet and there is a lot of grass and trees. I grew up in the country so I always gravitate back to those areas.

Justin - Bachelor of the Week - Femme & Fortune7) What are you passionate about? People often ask me what I do for a living and I have a hard time describing it. I am a film director, a creative director, globetrotter, entrepreneur and writer...but at the end of the day I am a storyteller. It is the one constant across everything I have done. I love using various media platforms to share stories with others from the people I come across as I travel around the world to places like India and Africa. So I would have to say storytelling is my passion.

8) How did you get involved with your current career? My two best friends and I, Aaron and Kylar, used to "borrow" my Dad's video camera when we were 12 and we just starting making mini movies around the neighborhood. As I got older and attended film school it was an easy choice for me. I always knew I wanted to be a filmmaker, but it wasn't until I made my feature length film, For Aaron: The Documentary, that it all became a reality.

9) Any relationship deal breakers? Be nice...I hate mean girls.

10) Who's your celebrity crush? Eva Mendes

11) How many dates until the first kiss? I have an app for that.

We hope you all enjoyed Justin and his singleness! For more of him and his work, follow him on Instagram, and as always, let us know if you have any other bachelors in mind for Femme & Fortune. Cheers!