Trying To Date On Tinder? Here's How.

For those of you who don’t know, Tinder is a popular dating app utilized among men and women across the US. It's pretty simple to use: users create a “profile” consisting of up to five photos and a brief bio or one liner. From there, they select their location, sex, and age preferences for their potential matches. Much like the past phenomenon “Hot or Not,” images of users matching your preferences appear one at a time and you either swipe right to say “yes” to them if you like their appearance or swipe left to say “no” to them if you don’t like their appearance. If you swipe right to someone and they return the favor to you, you are notified that you have both matched and are then able to have conversations in-app. Because of the very apparent shallow nature of this app, it is mostly known to be used to find someone to hook-up with. However, despite this very common notion, Tinder can actually be used for dating purposes. I know a surprisingly good amount of people who have met their significant others through Tinder – one girl even got married!

If you’re trying to use Tinder to date instead of just “hook-up,” here are some tips:

For Your Profile:

  1. Put up more than one photo. If you only have one, there is a good chance a user will think they are getting catfished.
  2. Make sure you don’t only use group photos. If a user can’t easily distinguish who you are, they may pass you by.
  3. Write a clever one liner as your bio. You’d be surprised how many people actually read them. Many times, they can be a great conversation starter, too!
  4. Don’t necessarily wait for them to message you. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge! Ask a question about their profile to get a conversation going.

For Their Profile

  1. Pay attention to profile bios. It isn’t uncommon to come across a user stating they have a significant other and are looking for someone on the side or that they like someone “with a butt so big it can swallow them whole.” The truth can hurt, regardless of how cute they look!
  2. Make sure to scroll through all of their photos. Sometimes the first picture on a profile isn’t truly accurate of the user’s appearance.
  3. Note what time they are messaging you. If it is at 1 a.m., you can be assured that they are just looking for a booty call.
  4. Be wary of what they send in their messages. Though it is clear that you should avoid people sending you raunchy messages, don’t settle for a simple, “hey” either. If someone really wants to get to know you, they’ll ask a question related to your profile or have a more compelling conversation starter.

If you like where your conversation ends up going and decide to meet, make sure to meet at a public place and let someone know where you will be. If a user suggests meeting at your place, however, chances are they are just looking for some “casual fun” instead of a relationship. The great thing about Tinder is, even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll at least be provided with some entertainment.

As always, be safe and Tinder on Femmes!

Get swiping!!