To Dad, With Love: Creative Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Dads are the pillars of the family, the heroes, and the protectors. They provide for their families as best they can, expecting little in return. For the most part they are “no fuss, no muss” kind of guys. That’s why it’s so hard to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day. A practical guy should get a practical gift right? So you go for the socks, a nice tie, or another tool kit. Well those days are behind us, here’s a list of some creative ways to show your dad just how much he means to you, regardless of your budget! No Money

Dear Dad - Write a personal letter to your dad that includes what he means to you, memories of family vacations, thanking him for times when he came to your rescue, little gestures of love that were important to you that he may not remember, times when you were in trouble but he stood by your side, or any memory that’s special to the two of you. Have the tissues ready, even dad may shed a tear reading that one.

Helping Hand - Your dad has probably been doing things for you for more than half his life, now’s your chance to return the favor. Offer your services to your dad and let him sit back for a change.  Take him where he needs to go for a week, take care of the yard work, maybe he’s been meaning to fix something around the house or clean out the garage but hasn’t had the time. Imagine the look of shock on his face when you say, “Dad, I got it”.

Some Money

Food for Thought - Make dad’s favorite meal or have it delivered (wink wink). Taking dad out to dinner is great but it also comes with the crowds and waiting to be seated. Avoid the chaos and treat dad to a nice meal at home where he can put his feet up and relax.

Movie Night - Rent or purchase dad’s favorite movies and have a movie marathon. Even if it’s an old western movie you wouldn’t dare watch, your dad will appreciate the gesture and the quality time he gets to spend with you. Of course a movie isn’t complete without popcorn! For our local Femmes, visit - a Philadelphia-based company that pops a little more than your traditional butter flavor. Try the chocolate caramel!

Break the Bank

Sports Fan - Score your dad a pair of front row seats to a game for his favorite team. It’s one thing to experience a game in front of the big screen TV with surround sound, but being there in person to cheer on your favorite players is a time he won’t forget.

Hot Wheels - Most guys have dreamed of speeding down the highway in a fancy sports car at least once. You can help dad realize that dream by handing him the keys to a Ferrari or Lamborghini for a spin around an exciting autocross course.  With the help of you can make it all happen. Tell dad the car stays at the race track. Lol.

Still stuck on what to get dad? Check out, this website has a variety of unique gifts for dad that will fit just about any budget. However you decide to celebrate your dad, make sure it comes from your heart.

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is June 15th