Bachelor of the Week - Tom Wingert

Femmes, you're welcome. We've officially found a Ryan Gosling doppelgänger here in Philadelphia. With a heart of gold and ambition to match, Tom is this week's Bachelor of the Week! Keep reading to learn more about him, how he spends his time, and the type of lady he's looking for! And hey, it's okay to swoon. We'll allow it. :)Tom Wingert | Femme & Fortune 1. Name / Occupation / Currently Living In...

Tom Wingert / Campaign Director, Impact Hub Philadelphia / Glenside, PA

2. What are some traits you look for in a partner? Energy, independence, passion, interest in Thai food, generally dedicated to making the world a better place. Oh and liking dogs.

3. Take us through an ideal first date for you... Assuming this is not a blind date (please no), I'm thinking mini golf, dinner, and a cup of coffee. For me dating is an opportunity to actually spend time with a person, not to have some sort of distraction to bring you physically closer.

4. Do you have any deal breakers when it comes to dating? Some sort of friends-interview process.

5. What's your favorite pickup line? What's the success rate of this line? I thought a lot about this and I don't think I've actually ever used a pickup line. I'm sure someone's going to call me on that. If I did I'm pretty sure it failed.

6. High five, handshake, pound, or a kiss after the first date? High five with the option of a kiss. First dates are always going to be awkward in one way or another, I figure embrace it and if it feels right, a kiss fits. Will almost definitely make for a half-decent "how we met" story.

7. If you and our special someone could go to any city in the world for a date, what city would you choose and why? This is a great question. I assume we've been dating for a while, and have found some sort of middle ground on the "favorite food" thing. Let's assume that we're both into East Asian cuisine. I think Kyoto would be an amazing date - share an amazing meal, and have a peaceful and beautiful place to be in together. There's something really nice thinking about sharing that kind of reflective experience with someone. And Paris is really overrated. I'm over it.Tom Wingert | Femme & Fortune

8. Brains vs. Beauty - discuss. What do you prefer most? Ultimately brains, but I'm not going to pretend that beauty isn't extremely important. A partner should challenge you, support you, and share your interests - if things work out, that's the person you're going to end up talking to for the rest of your life. But that feeling when you look at a person you love when you wake up next to them and know that in that moment they are the most beautiful thing in the world, that's pretty important as well.

9. You're very active in the local community. Tell us more about what you do! I try to get people that are making the world a better place to work together. I've been doing a lot of partnerships work and fundraising, specifically in the food security in Philadelphia, for the past few years, but my broader interests are really finding ways to empower the people that have a vision to create a better future with the skills and resources to do so. What that looks like is a whole bunch of volunteering, listening, and showing up to stuff, helping people that inspire me however I can.

We hope you all enjoyed Tom's poetic answers, and if you have another bachelor in mind, email us!. Until then, stay fierce femmes!