Bachelor of the Week - Travis Capacete

Femmes, we've got a ton of new bachelors lined up for you all! Today, we're sharing the talented Travis who we met through our dear friend Molly (more on that fab femme to come). Enjoy his profile and remember, if you have any bachelors you think would be a great fit for us - let us know with the button below!

Travis1) Name / Occupation / Current Location 

Travis Capacete / Filmmaker, Entrepreneur / Fishtown (Philadelphia)

2) Explain your ideal first date: A bottle of wine on the top floor of a tall building or a baseball game.

3) What are some traits you look for in a partner? Someone that keeps me on my toes, doesn’t mind my altercations with cab drivers and isn't like talking to a wall.

4) Do you have a guilty pleasure? Mickey D’s Nuggets!

5) What are you passionate about? Punctuation in text messages and live music.

6) Favorite social media platform? Snapchat

7) Would you date someone also in the filmmaking or photography industry? Possibly, if they are not snobs.

8) How many dates until the first kiss? First date - Don’t want to friend zone yourself.

If you know our next bachelor, let us know by clicking the button below. Until then, stay fabulous ladies!

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