Your Eyes Could Use Some Warby Parker This Summer

With some sun finally in our lives, it's time to protect those precious eyes of yours with one of our favorite brands - Warby Parker. We got to chat with the current Director of Product Strategy, Shannon Malone, about some eyewear basics and upcoming trends for the spring and summer. Read on to learn more! Warby Parker Spring 2014

Femme & Fortune: When choosing frames, what are some basic rules to choosing the best pair for your face shape?

Shannon Malone, Director of Product Strategy: First of all, go with what makes you feel good and comfortable! If you don't feel comfortable, you won't want to wear them. More specifically -- make sure the frames are not too wide or too narrow (your eyes should be centered in the lenses from left to right for optimal viewing), and make sure the bottoms of the lenses aren't resting on your checks.

As for what shape you choose (round vs. rectangle), we like to think there aren't any concrete rules. Your ultimate decision should combine personal style and practicality, and the process to get there should be fun!

Warby Parker Spring 2014

Femme & Fortune: What are some current spring and summer trends when it comes to eyewear?

Shannon Malone, Director of Product Strategy: We're excited about incorporating even more color into both our frames and lenses. I'm really loving our gradient lenses, especially our triple gradient lenses that have three different colors in them (something we introduced with our Spectrum Sun Collection). Round sunglasses are really popular right now. Quimby in Absinthe is a bold round frame that blends both trends.

Warby Parker Do GoodFemme & Fortune: What’s your favorite part about working at Warby Parker? Tell us more about your corporate culture!

Shannon Malone, Director of Product Strategy: The people here are incredibly talented and kind; I feel both empowered and challenged by the team around me. Our Do Good mission is another favorite aspect; it's amazing to think about the fact that we've distributed over 500,000 glasses to people in need around the world.

So femmes, definitely check out Warby Parker's latest collections and embrace the sun this summer! For more information, follow Warby Parker on Facebook and Twitter!