Chef Savvy with Crystal Fox

Chef Crystal Fox is the Executive Chef for Philadelphia restaurant Giorgio on Pine. Chef Fox started in the kitchen nine years ago at Sisters Nightclub (now closed) in Center City Philadelphia. Although she was splitting her time between serving and prepping, it was there and then that she fell in love with working in the kitchen. Since then she's worked at other restaurants before coming back to Philadelphia at Les Bon Temps, a French and Cajun restaurant located on 12th and Sansom. After about a year of working, she then transferred over to Giorgio on Pine where she worked her way up to sous chef. Shortly after, she left Giorgio's to master her craft in culinary school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, has worked at other high profile restaurants like Amada, and has returned to Giorgio on Pine for the coveted position of executive chef. gop-coverWith an impressive resume, a string of top notch restaurants, and high profile clients under her belt, Chef Fox is aware that being in the culinary industry requires innovation and cutting edge ideas. She knows much about the sacrifices needed in order to succeed in a male dominated profession. She admits on putting her career first before her personal life and that having a great work ethic is crucial but small part of a bigger picture in the industry she's chosen. When asked what her biggest advice would be to another aspiring female chef, she candidly responded,


Chef Fox has also shared with us her own recipe for the classic mussels in white wine dish. Enjoy! CS-crystal-foxgop2

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