Five Financial Apps For Every Femme

There’s more to money than counting cash, cashing checks and checking balances. Thankfully for those who are budget-ly challenged, guess what… there’s an app for that. Several actually. A couple come standard and should be in the arsenal of every savvy young professional. Start with the application operated by your bank (and enjoy the glories of mobile deposits and instant transfers). Then supplement with our suggestions below, depending on your lifestyle, priorities and financial savvy.

For the girl who loves retail therapy

The winner of a handful of finance app awards, Billguard is an expense tracker on steroids. With each new use, the app grows smarter, better able to predict your spending patterns and alert you if something is off-kilter. The app not only tracks how and where you spend your money, but it makes it easier to save by finding relevant discounts and coupons.  Even better? The app flags merchants known to make sneaky charges. I’m looking at you, gyms.

 For the subscription fanatic

Think of Manilla as a mobile filing cabinet. Or a personal assistant. The app keeps tabs on your accounts—all of them. Checking, savings, credit. Then there are you bills, Netflix, magazine subscriptions, gym fees. Every. Thing. It definitely helps you keep tabs on things, so long as you take the time to include all your accounts.

For the married girl

Joint checking: two very scary words for newlyweds. Enter Home Budget with Sync. The expense tracking application is similar to other tracking apps, except for it’s shining feature—Family sync. Family sync allows multiple devices to work off the same budget. And it updates via “the air,” which we’re assuming means the cloud. Either way, it’s pretty, functional, and will help you avoid any conflicts with the hubby. You’re welcome.

 For the girl kicking debt in the butt

For those who’ve recently graduated, bought a new car or signed a mortgage, or are still lamenting their former shopping addiction, Debt Free is here to help. The application combines an attractive user interface with the highly recommended “debt snowball” method of paying off debt. Charts and tracking help you stay on top of your progress.

For the rookie investor

Filtering through financial jargon can be difficult enough—no sense in making it more complicated by spreading investments across different forums. USA Today Money Portfolio brings it all together; you can see all of your investments and accounts— stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, even your 401(k) and IRA. Further, the service offers data-driven investment advice. Like a money tutor. Or whatever.

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Hopefully these five apps can help you get on your way to a life of no debt and more money. What are some of your favorite ways to save money and keep up with your bills? Let us know below!