Love In The City - Dylan & Mike

We recently hosted a great giveaway with Lauren (our new Director of Advertising yay!) for a lovely couple here in Philadelphia. The winners would receive a fabulous date night courtesy of different sponsors in the Midtown Village neighborhood of Philadelphia. Lauren and I had the pleasure of awarding the lovely Dylan and Mike as our contest winners, who ended up using their win as an occasion to celebrate their one year anniversary. We interviewed the duo over some margaritas and guacamole at El Vez on their relationship, so keep reading to find out all about them! [separator type="thin"]

VDayGiveawayWinners-5Femme & Fortune: So tell us about how you two met!

Dylan: We met at a local advertising agency when I was an intern and he was (and still is) a designer there. He was the only person I didn't meet at the office, so a friend at work introduced us at a happy hour one night. We started talking and ended up dancing the night away at The 700 Club in NoLibs. We've been together ever since!

Femme & Fortune: What was your first impression of each other?

Mike: Dylan was different from normal girls I would go for, but we got along immediately. She's fun to be around and it just clicked because we got along so well.

Dylan: Yeah, we are pretty different; he's a punk rock dude and I have an athletic background but it was something about the difference that was intriguing. We took our first road trip together to Vermont a few weeks afterwards, and it was refreshing to have and feel a common sense of comfort with each other.

Femme & Fortune: So who said those magical three words first?

Mike: That was Dylan.

Dylan: Yeah, we had gone official in April, and by the summer I said "I Love You" first at yet another happy hour.

VDayGiveawayWinners-11Femme & Fortune: You mentioned that you took a road trip a few weeks after meeting. Where else have you traveled together and how do you keep sane while traveling with a significant other?

Dylan: We've taken trips to Chicago, Virginia, and DC all within a month recently. We love to explore and enjoy new cities, so it's easy for us to travel together. Even though Mike has a 'bladder of a peanut,' we make sure to have plenty of bathroom stops on our trips. Also, make sure to share music choices throughout your trip!

Femme & Fortune: Tell us about your ideal date night here in the city!

Mike: Probably going to Bar on Sansom or 1 Tipling Place in Rittenhouse, followed by some dancing at The Barbary or 700 Club. We also love the blood orange margaritas and chimichangas at the Cantina in NoLibs.

VDayGiveawayWinners-25Femme & Fortune: After a year of dating, how do you keep the spark alive?

Dylan: Take adventures - big or small. Mike and I love being outdoors and especially taking bike rides when it's warm out. Also, show each other new things and make new experiences together.

Femme & Fortune: So what's next for you two?!

Dylan: We'd love to move out west down the road and use our talents together more to create really cool stuff for people and brands. 

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Thank you again to Dylan and Mike for letting us feature their love here on Femme & Fortune! If you'd like to be featured as a couple here on Femme & Fortune, let us know. We'd love to hear how you keep the spark alive in your relationship.