Bachelor of the Week - Jo Vito

When we meet a heartthrob, we jump at the opportunity of featuring him here on Femme & Fortune. We had the pleasure of meeting Jo at a local coffee shop in Fairmount and knew he'd be perfect as our next Bachelor of the Week. Poetry aficionado (check out his poetry blog here!) with a heart of gold, Jo was a natural during our interview. Learn more about him below (we hear he's great at hugs), and if you know of any bachelors in your city - let us know! We'd love to feature more of those "fish in the sea!" Jo-21. Name / Occupation / Philly Neighborhood You Currently Live In:

Jo Vito / Theater-er & Barista / Powelton Village

2. Who are your favorite bands or artists?

I can trace my musical favorites in a series of flings in which I listen almost entirely to one artist for a time. In the last couple of years I think the progression has been something like, The Velvet Underground, Doc Watson, Zoot Sims, The Tallest Man on Earth, Youth Lagoon and I somehow managed to just recently discover The Doors in earnest!

3. Explain your ideal first date:

Hmm. Well I don't do “dates,” in bold, very well. I like to meet people doing things they are passionate about, in the company of mutual friends.

The last person I met that I immediately fell in love with was studying with a friend of mine at a performing arts school in South Philly. One day we were both invited by our lovely mutual friend to see the preview of a performance not far from my home. The show was excellent, we were introduced and I invited a bunch of folks back to my place for drinks and frivolity. We had a wonderful time improvising dance and poetry in great company. That was pretty ideal.

4. What are some traits you look for in a partner?

Generosity. Curiosity. Empathy. Exuberance. Hugging-aptitude.


5. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Darn. I know I should have an answer here, but the way I see it, pleasures oughta be guilt-free.

... Oh, Cookie Crisp Cereal.  Definitely Cookie Crisp Cereal.

6. What are you passionate about?

Context. I like to consider the social, historical, emotional environments people interact within. I usually think about these things through poetry and theater. Also PB&J.

... And googly-eyes.

7. Tell us about how you became so interested in theater and poetry!

As a kid, the folks I discovered doing theater were always the most generous with me. They were unapologetically enthusiastic and they loved, intensely. I wanted to welcome those things into my life. In college, I found an amazing group of collaborators who challenged me to investigate theater in new ways. With their support, I decided to run with my fascinations.

I'm still running.

Poetry peeps I've met and loved share an unyielding suspicion that the world we live in is actually pretty interesting. They believe in the subjective, the artificial, the deconstructable, the full and the severe. I don't want to live life blasé. Through poetry, I've learned to be surprised by what the world offers me, and that feels good.

8. You work in the coffee industry - would you date someone who didn’t like coffee?

Yes. I hope they like hot chocolate.

9. What’s a secret talent that you have?

I can beatbox pretty decently, I'd say. And I am really good at hugs.

10. Do you have any relationship deal breakers?

I prefer to spend my intimate time with people who are willing to empathize with alternative conceptions of gender and sexuality from the classical patriarchal binary. Insensitivity to another's self-identification is uncool. Pluralism is sexy.

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Phew, Jo may just be one of our favorite bachelors thus far (sshh, don't tell our other bachelors). We hope you enjoyed this week's feature femmes!

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