A Temporary Cure For Long Distance Relationships

Celebrating Valentine's Day this past weekend was probably difficult for those of us whose significant other is miles across the country, across several time zones, and/or overseas. Gone are the days of waiting for letters in the mail and worrying about expensive long distance and toll phone charges because, like checking your ovulation cycle or searching for pictures of cats dressed up as bananas, there is an app for that!

Couple, the app formerly known as Pair, is an app for iOS and Android users with the long distance relationship in mind and it is open to everyone. It is a one-to-one paired social network that you share with your significant other that has a ton of features to add a fun, quirky dimension to your relationship. (If you're looking to add more people because you're in a polyamorous arrangement or you have a "side piece", there's nothing to see here...I asked already) Best of all, it's FREE in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Couple App

Here are some of Couple's features that really make it something special to share with your significant other:

  • Messaging: You probably already have your significant other's phone number, email address, iMessage, Snapchat, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, Twitter, BBM, address, and carrier pigeon bird call so there's clearly no shortage to a means of communicating with him or her. Couple's messaging system includes read receipts so neither of you miss a beat. The in-line thread also allows you to include pictures, video, links, stickers, emoji, and sketches (more on this below).

  • Location Settings: I promise you this feature isn't for stalking, unless you want it to be and it works for you and your boo. Since Couple is primarily for those in long distance relationships, plotting where your significant other is super easy with your smartphone's GPS especially if you're across timezones or simply traveling. It just makes it easier to know what time it is wherever the two of you may go instead of having to refer to another clock app or calculating the time difference in your head!

  • Sketches: There are two cool drawing features in Couple. One is for simple sketching if you want to get your Van Gogh on (because it sure beats cutting off your ear). The other one is for live sketching, where you and your significant other draw something together. It's a great activity for couples just looking to do something live together that's out of the ordinary! And the pictures are all saved in your "Moments" tab...

  • Moments: The media that you share with your Couple partner are all saved under a cloud called "Moments" and includes any sketches that you create, pictures you share, audio files you record, video clips, etc. You can download them to save to your phone or you can export them to Facebook and Twitter... So I wouldn't recommend you use this for sending "nudie Judies" in case they get exported to the wrong place!

  • Thumbkiss: This is my favourite feature of Couple, hands down. Thumbkiss is a "game" that you and your partner have to be online together for. Once both of you confirm that you want to Thumbkiss, either of you touch an area of the screen. When your partner touches that same spot on their phone, both of your phones will vibrate to confirm the Thumbkiss. It's a great feature for intimacy and sharing each other's touch when you don't have the luxury of distance.

What better time than the month of love for you and your significant other to get the Couple app? It's not just for couples in long distance relationships; anyone can use it... But if you live with your significant other already they might just roll their eyes if you suggest this app to them!

I've been using the app for about a month now and it's nice to be able to keep all of my communication with my "Dandelion" (if you haven't seen Orange Is The New Black on Netflix yet, you won't get this reference) in one organized application, especially since my phone memory has been overtaken by the Beyoncé album. Our favorite thing to do on the app is use the Thumbkiss feature, with sending each other really silly sketches coming in at a close second. It is a very clean and aesthetically pleasing application. It is starting to pick up with sponsors and partnerships and I am looking forward to what the developers, TenthBit, Inc., will offer in the future in terms of being a startup geared towards helping people, like me, in an LDR.