Bachelor of the Week - Jeff O'Donnell

Ladies, we're back with a fresh new line up of eligible bachelors. Even though we've been focusing on studs in the Philadelphia area, we are going national! If you know of a potential Bachelor of the Week in your city - contact us below! We'd love to meet him...for business purposes of course!

In the meantime, meet Jeff!

1. Name / Neighborhood / Occupation Jeff O’Donnell / Malvern,PA / Responsible for the Sales and Marketing at a Medical Device Start-up.


2. Celebrity crush: Probably Jennifer Lawrence, she’s incredibly attractive but also seems to be a normal human being which most celebrities struggle with.

3. What are some deal breakers for you in a partner? A deal breaker for me would be the lack of basic table manners, unfortunately that’s not as common as you might think now a days.

4. Brains versus Beauty - what’s your take? I believe there are a lot of women with both…. So… Both.

5. You have a first date this Friday night - where would you take her around Philly? We would hit up a good spot for dinner probably around Rittenhouse (Tria, Parc, maybe the Dandelion).  If its a nice night either sit out on the square for a while, or head out and find a place with some live music depending on how the night is going.

6. What are some of your hobbies? I love fitness and anything involving being outside; hiking, running, surfing, paddle boarding. Anything involving water is usually something I am a huge fan of.

7. Describe yourself in three words: Motivated, Romantic, Loyal.

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