The Perfect Gift For A Bride

Bridal showers are usually filled with laughs, tears, champagne and cake; the stories of how the bride and groom met and the proposal story that causes everyone to go “Awww.” There are also lots of gifts - think sheer lace night gowns, newlywed advice books, and more lace night gowns. This past summer I experienced it all at my bridal shower. I loved every moment and every thoughtful gift I received, but there was one in particular from my aunts that stood out. I’ve always thought of my aunts as unique women that had a special way of telling it like it is and giving advice, so I expected nothing less from their gift. I wanted to share this with you because It not only meant a lot to me but I thought it could also have meaning to other married women.

At the shower I was presented with a large gift bag filled with four items wrapped in colored tissue paper, each with a note explaining their meaning. They were: 

A photograph - A picture of me and my fiancé was in a frame and the meaning was to always remember the love and connection that brought us together, especially during the difficult days.

A candle - This symbolized keeping peace in our home. Lighting a candle or incense each night before going to bed would bring calm, rest and inner peace to know we could get through anything.

A journal - Every married couple knows the stress of personal life, work, bills, etc. Expressing gratitude for each other, for life, for making it just through today is important. Writing down all the things you are thankful for helps you remember what’s really significant in life.

A mirror - Marriage is a union between two people who choose to share life’s joys and pain. But in the midst of it all, look in the mirror occasionally and remind yourself of who you were before you got married and still are. Never lose your gifts, your uniqueness and your dreams. Loving someone also means standing back and observing your soulmate thrive and hold onto their passion and their dreams, remind each other of your gifts. That is true love.

All these gifts serve as reminders of keeping love first, treating each other with respect and although you and your spouse are now a union, to never forget the unique individual you are and the person you fell in love with.  These are just a few interpretations of great advice from my aunts; you can find inspiration in your life for items to present to the bride-to-be in your family or feel free to share these. Although every marriage is different, one thing that applies to all is that marriage is to be worked at continuously. Advice can come in all different forms, so use it in a way that works best for you.

Are you recently engaged? What are some ways you hope to keep your marriage last through the decades?