Our Favorite Video Apps For Your Phone

The visual quality of our computers, mobile phones, tablets, and all other electronic devices have improved exponentially and significantly over the past few months. Thanks to higher pixels-per-inch resolutions, graphical engineering, cameras and glass/display hardware, enjoying visual media is at its best and will only continue to improve from here.


Between the iOS and Android operating systems, I’ve gone ahead and selected the best applications for making the most out of video content on your favorite devices. Whether you like to upload videos to share or you aim to be the next Spielberg or Scorsese, these apps will make you quite the visual auteur!

  • iMovie (iOS 7, $4.99 in App Store)

    • Every Mac user’s favorite video editing application has been ported from the desktop version for mobile devices and can be used across iPad, iPhone, and iPod models. It has everything you need to sort, share, and make high-definition stylized trailers and clips that can screen in the iMovie Theater or even through an Apple TV console. It seamlessly integrates with your stored videos as well as iCloud media.

  • Pixorial (iOS 7 and Android, FREE in App Store and FREE in Google Play Store, Premium and Pro Subscriptions available)

    • Pixorial takes your existing video files, organizes them, and optimizes them to screen on larger displays, like tablets and televisions. Some edits can be made through the application, including transitions, end credits, and background music. If you need additional features and cloud storage, Pixorial has account subscriptions available for additional per-month or per-year charges.

  • YouTube (iOS 7 and Android, FREE in App Store and FREE in Google Play Store)

    • The Google-owned video platform has an application available for Apple and Android devices and I promise each new version is a million times better than the next. Uploading and sharing videos across social media platforms and email is a cinch. Of course, it connects to your Google account with all your favorites, subscriptions, etc. within reach. Not many people realize this but for iOS users with Google Play Store video purchases, they’re all accessible to stream under the ‘Purchased’ tab!

  • Magisto (Android, FREE in Google Play Store)

    • This app was in the Editor’s Choice and Best Apps of 2013 in the Google Play Store. You can edit videos and photographs into full-fledged stories with themes. Turn them into a production! You can even reach into your Instagram account and take them a step further in terms of making something you can really share across social media.

  • WeVideo (Android, FREE in Google Play Store, Premium, Business, and Education Subscriptions available)

    • WeVideo works with a video editor on a website with the same name. It offers cloud-based storage for your video content and you can use either captures from your camera or gallery photos and video to edit into a story, add effects, create titles and captions, add music, and publish in HD. The application is free and if you are interested in expanding usage of this application to the web and beyond, there are subscriptions available with more features and increased cloud storage.

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