Stay Warm for Under $50

If you're like me, you tend to be over the whole winter scene as soon as New Year's Day comes around the corner.  Suddenly, I want to fast forward to spring and all the warm weather activities.  We're only past the halfway point for winter but it looks like we still have a hard haul ahead of us with more possible snow storms in the horizon.  So while  we're waiting and dreaming of warmer days, here are 10 ways to keep warm for the rest of this season under $50.keep-warm

  • Get Your Coffee On: Calling all coffee lovers!  Here's an amazing new toy to add to your arsenal of smooth, delicious coffee making.  The Chemex is an innovative product that brews coffee to create a cleaner, crisper, well-balanced cup of joe.  If nothing else, it's a beautiful new eye-candy to add to your kitchen.
  • Be Tea-ndulgent: If coffee is not your thing, give this Brooklyn-based tea company a shot!  Bellocq is a tea atelier that blends traditional tea with adventure and whimsy, not to mention the gorgeous marigold packaging.
  • Say Aloha!: While a trip to Hawaii is certainly well over $50- this Aloha Orchid candle by Capri Blue might whisk you briefly to scenes of tropical island goodness.
  • Pop the Blues Away: Give the s'more a break and do some good ol'fashioned campfire popcorn popping! (Phew! Now say that five times fast.)
  • Portable-Campfire, anyone?: How cool is this? You can no longer play victim of being fireplace-less or fire-pit-less with this Bonfire Log.   This bad boy can give about an hour and a half  of unmitigated popcorn popping, winter s'moring fun!
  • Put those digits to work: If crafting is your thing, why not make your own knitted hat?  Brooklyn's Purl Soho makes the task easier by creating knitting kits for projects like this adorable Button Candy Hat!
  • Noggin Lovin': if crafting ain't yo thing, don't sweat it.  This adorable boho beanie is ultra comfy with a slouchy urban cool vibe.
  • Toasty Tootsies: I always get a new pair of comfy socks every winter- aside from the practicality of keeping my feet nice and warm, they make my feet look super cute.
  • Mad for Mittens:  These awesome wooly mittens will definitely keep your hands safe from the cold.
  • Snuggle Up with a Pup: This time of year animal shelters are usually flooded with dogs and cats that need a forever home.  Adopting from your local shelter will guarantee a snuggle-buddy for next decade of your life.  Obviously, don't adopt solely for that reason, but if you are ready for a long term commitment- these fur balls will make wonderful, warm company.  Adoption fees vary from $25 and up. You can also opt to foster these animals in your home until they find their forever home.