3 Tips To Make Your New Year’s Resolution A Reality

Who's ready for some classic NYE resolutions this year? To make you a little more accountable, here are three tips to stay on track and make those resolutions a reality. I-LOVE-SMELL-POSSIBILITY-IN-THE-MORNING-PHOTO-BLENDMake A Plan

Don’t just say “this is what I’m going to do” have a plan to back it up. By having a plan you are making your goal achievable and seem much less impossible. Sit down one day for an hour and make a schedule (you may not need to do this every month as good practice will become good habit). Add time in for days off (let’s not go overboard though), make sure your purpose is clear (why this goal is important to you) and remember to pace yourself and enjoy.

Divide The Plan Into Smaller Parts

Smaller milestones towards your ultimate goal allow you to give yourself a small pat on the back once you've achieved them.  Dividing your goals into smaller pieces also makes the ultimate goal less intimidating and easier to accomplish. Baby steps, people.

Have Support

While this is sometimes overlooked it is easier to be motivated when someone else is supporting you or involved in the goal with you. If you and another friend/family member made a goal to lose some weight this year, do it together to keep the momentum going. Also discuss #1 and #2 to allow the supporter to know what your plan is and where their role will come in.

Some people may try to bring you down or tell you that you can’t achieve your goals this year. If it’s avoidable, try to surround yourself with positivity rather than negativity. You will be more successful in your goals as will the people around you!

*There are also various forums online where you can support one another in your endeavors if you don’t have the first option.

Now that you’ve read my tips, what are some of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2014?