Bachelor of the Week - Bob Myaing

Bachelor of the Week - Bob MyaingAsk and you shall receive. Femmes, we have another BOTW for your eyes to take in and, ahem, enjoy to all your heart's desire. Meet Bob, a friendly face behind one of our favorite brands here in Philly, Art in the Age. He's got style, substance, and personality - a trifecta of traits we rarely see on the streets of Philadelphia. Keep reading for more on Bob and why we love him as our Bachelor of the Week! Thank us later, ladies.

Name: Bob Myaing

Location: East Kensington

Occupation: Buyer & Manager of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Favorite trait in a partner: A strong sense of wit

Describe yourself in three words: Bikes, fancy beers, and fancy clothes. (Those are more than three words but I think it describes me pretty well.)

Celebrity crush: Emma Watson

Online dating - yay or nay? Well, I have a profile out there but I don't take it that seriously or use it as a way to meet people. I'm pretty good at meeting people just by meeting people. I have friends who've met their boyfriends/girlfriends on dating sites and one buddy of mine even met his wife there. Anything's possible.

Do you have any dating deal breakers? Nothing too specific, I'm pretty open minded and try not to get hung up on the faults of others.

Favorite restaurant/bar to treat a girl in Philly: The deck upstairs at the Standard Tap on a warm day is a pretty great place to be. I've only ever taken a date there on one occasion but that's not to say it'll be the last.

For more of Bob, keep an eye out on his blog! Rumor has it he can also be found at Art in the Age events, but don't hold us to that. Cheers!

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