All Things Will Come in Due Time

Life can have you feeling anxious, out of sorts, incredibly on edge and even make you live in episodes of paranoia. Prior to my exit from college, I had this preconceived notion that when I de-robed from my cap and gown, life would literally fall into place. Like many, I believed that I created a beautiful sketch of what my life would look like. I was just waiting for major events to add color to that original sketch. What I had not prepared for was “life” ripping my sketch to pieces, sending me back to the drawing board in fits of rage, disgust, confusion and betrayal. Yes, betrayal. There was a feeling that my own life was playing for some other team rather than mine, and I was forced to play by the rules set before me. In my stint of rebellion, I decided that I would fight for my desired lifestyle. No matter what came my way, I was determined that I would beat “life” at its own game. Sadly, I became one in the millions who realized that the roar and the fight of life was much stronger than my will. There was an involuntary surrender that occurred followed by the feeling of failure and defeat.

I know you've heard this many times, but “life” has a way of bringing everything you need to you. In my self pity, I had not realized that my sucky, experiences that left me crying tears in the name of unfair treatment, had brought me directly to the place that I was kicking and screaming to be at. What I had to understand was that there were certain lessons that I needed under my belt to help build my credibility.

Sometimes we fight against the flow that is designed to carry us right to the door of opportunity. Most times, experience is the very best teacher; there are certain lessons that you will only come to have through experience. Don’t fight your flow, for your flow is fluid. It has your DNA. It knows what you desire and has the ability to carry you. Just go with it! Once you realize that “life” is your friend, you will find the ability to trust yourself and your gut. Honestly, all good things come in due time, however nothing comes without hard work. You must especially be willing to work on yourself, because if you are not willing to do the work, you have to question if you even deserve to have the life you dream about.

You will have the life you desire. Just trust the process. Everything has a beginning and an ending. Pain, struggle and disappointment have an end date.  Trust your life flow. All you are required to do is trust, believe, receive and above all show up and be present. Believe me…float in the flow and all things will come in due time.

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