5 Tips For Shopping Tech This Holiday Season

With so many new devices, products and apps coming out this season, finding the perfect new tech gadget can get difficult. Below are five tips for the shopaholic in you before you go shopping for some new technology!

1. Determine what you want or need in terms of features, size, compatibility, or anything else you may need.

  • What you plan to use the item for? (You’d be surprised at how fast this weeds out candidates.)

  • How much or often do you download content?

  • What other tech tools, products or devices does this need to be compatible with?

  • Do you want to play games, watch movies or use programs that suck up energy? You may want to keep an eye on the graphics card, battery life, audio sound and processor (or keep in mind to ask about these)!

  • How much you are willing to spend? (Don’t go over budget.)

  • I’m a big list lover and I highly recommend writing a list of important features you want your tech tool to contain within reason. (Oh how I wish my computer could make me breakfast!)

2. Ask questions. If they want your money, they will answer all of your questions to the best of their ability or ask a friend that’s tech savvy. They may have some recommendations for you.

3. Scout sales – the holidays are the best time to check your local or popular paper.

  • Many large corporations will display ads on some hot ticket items that will be at a reduced price.

  • If you have some favorite stores, think about subscribing via e-mail for special discounts, events and coupons. You’d be surprised to find out about the sales you didn’t know about!

4. If you are comfortable purchasing online, do it!

  • You’ll find the best deals. I have purchased from MacMall.com on more than one occasion. *However, I always suggest going to a store to handle the product and get a feel for what you are purchasing.

  • If it is a popular item, places like Target and Walmart may even have them on display for you to engage with.

  • Some online stores even have customer service representatives that can further explain the product to you, if you're super curious.

  • Worse comes to worse, check the manufacturer’s site for more details. If it is a product that has been out for a while look to experts on Youtube for a visual representation of what is great and not so great about the technology you are looking to purchase.

5. Don’t get sucked in by all the bells and whistles.

  • If it’s a feature you’re probably never going to use, don’t sweat it and don’t let it be a reason for you to buy it. (Speaking from a gadget lover of course!)

  • Some additional features may slow your device down. If it isn’t essential and you’ll never use it keep looking, you might find everything you want for half the price!

With all that being said, have fun and don't be afraid to splurge this holiday season. Tech investments all have their own reward and benefits for everyone. Happy shopping!

TechChrissy DonnellyComment