Pilot & Captain

Nothing makes us more proud than to see our fellow Philly natives doing great and inspiring things. Meet Woody Harrington, Jason Kernevich and Dusty Summers, the geniuses behind the nationally acclaimed design studio Heads of State and clothing brand Pilot & Captain. With a shelf full of awards and a decade in the industry, founders Jason and Dusty make you nostalgic for your past and excited for where you're headed through their travel-themed product line. Check out our conversation with this design duo in a recent interview. p&cFemme & Fortune: What initially started the adventures and voyage theme for Pilot & Captain? P&C: Pilot and Captain is a combination of wanderlust and hometown pride. It began as an appreciation for vintage travel ephemera and quickly grew into a sort of marketing experiment. People have strong emotional connections to where they're from, where they've traveled to, and where they dream of one day visiting. Everyone can relate to those feelings and we thought that was a wonderful place to pull inspiration from.

Femme & Fortune: You guys also run a pretty tight ship over at Heads of State, where do you look for inspiration during a design process?
P&C: For us it is about problem solving so we always look to the subject matter first and try to embrace the history and any limitations. If we can come up with a visual solution to a problem that feels fresh and has good energy and do it a stylish way then we're pretty happy.



Femme & Fortune: How would you describe the guy or gal who wears Pilot & Captain? What kind of lifestyle do you envision them to have?

P&C: T-shirts are very democratic. We like the fact that our products appeal to a wide audience. The themes that unite our customers are fascinating and diverse: an appreciation of typography is just as relevant as a passion for a location or a profession, etc. I think it is that enthusiasm that we hope to connect with.


Femme & Fortune: You currently have an online store and a pop-up shop at Art in The Age. Do you have any plans in the future for opening up your own store? P&C: Bricks and mortar is an alluring idea and something we're hoping and planning for down the road a bit.


Femme & Fortune: What would be your advice to other business duos out there? P&C: Work hard and work together. A duo can really accomplish a lot if there is balance and support.

A big thank you to the Pilot & Captain team for this awesome interview. They are also offering 30% off all Pilot & Captain merchandise for Cyber Monday. To learn more of our neighbors, check them out on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Pinterest.