Dresses For The Holiday Season

With the weather getting colder day by day, it's only inevitable that snowflakes are slowly approaching towards us. With winter on its way, all I can think of is the amount of new dresses I'm going to need for my wardrobe. Ok, need is a strong word. Maybe highly suggest for my wardrobe. The holiday season is coming ladies, and those cute little outfits for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc. are all calling our names. Here are a few of my favorite picks so far for the holiday season. From sequins to strong silhouettes to bold colors, the goal is make a statement this holiday season! Holiday Dresses | Femme & Fortune

What are some of your favorite holiday dresses that you've been lusting over?

1. Glimmer and Dancing Dress / 2. Double Drape Back Maxi / 3. Brocade Feather Dress / 4. Amabel Cold Shoulder Sequin Shift Dress / 5. Sequin Cutout Dress