Fall Into New TV Shows!

You might be thinking that I came into the game about 4-5 weeks too late to be telling you what shows you’re missing out on for the Fall 2013 season, right? On my end, it’s been back to the grind of work, school, etc. but you know I have to make time for all of my shows! By now, I’ve gone behind the groove of selecting what new television series you will be interested in since, well, they’ve kept my interest going for over a month now. Also, networks have already made cuts of shows I started to invest in beyond the pilot episode and I’m pressed. I’m trying to help *you* out!

But seriously, with the disaster a lot of the broadcast networks had in the 2012-2013 season with regards to programming, there were a lot of opportunities presented in the spring pilot season between new concepts, revamping old favorites, and extending some franchise series. Certainly I’ve seen a change in production value from pilot episodes alone. And for those of you who have yet to figure out what new television programs you want to invest your time (and in some cases, feelings) in, I promise you these picks will not disappoint you!

American Horror Story: Coven

FX, 10 PM Wednesdays starting October 9

  • Being that this is an anthology series, you have to come into each new incarnation with no pretenses. Witchcraft and the supernatural is the theme this time around and boasts stars like Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts, and Jessica Lange leading the stellar cast this season. The first episode was hard to watch at times and I do not recommend that you tune in if you are squeamish. This critically acclaimed series is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and does horror on television absolutely right, a feat not many shows have accomplished in the past!

Super Fun Night

ABC, 9:30 PM Wednesdays starting October 9

  • I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t find Rebel Wilson unfunny. This new series on ABC is produced by Conan O’Brien and stars the Aussie comedienne as a budding lawyer who makes it a point to “turn up” with her two best friends every week for the titular “super fun night”. It really highlights Rebel Wilson as a performer and her physical comedy shines, a rarity in a lot of female-centric comedies. I wonder if there’s room for her co-stars to shine though…

Sleepy Hollow

FOX, 9 PM Mondays starting September 16

  • Fun fact: Len Wiseman (the Underworld film series, the Total Recall remake, Live Free or Die Hard) directed the pilot episode! This is a science-fiction/fantasy retelling of Washington Irving’s short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” set in the present. Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman are revived in the present-day after their deaths in the 18th Century, after the American Revolution. Lt. Abbie Mills guides Ichabod through modern Sleepy Hollow, New York and they investigate the supernatural events taking shape in their town following the Horseman’s new wave of terror. This series has quite the following and already has been ensured a full season! And if you’re not up on it yet, by the time you’re done one episode you will see what all the fuss surrounding #Ichabbie is about!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

FOX, 8:30 PM Tuesdays starting September 17

  • Finally a worthy comedy about cops since Reno 911! ended a few years back! Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, and Terry Crews lead the ensemble cast following a dysfunctional NYPD division and the relationship between an immature detective and his new captain. There are a lot of comedic twists and turns, a lot of great physical comedy, and it’s overall fun to watch! The series was just granted a full season PLUS it will air after the Super Bowl, a time slot a lot of new shows aim for in their inaugural run.

Almost Human

FOX, premieres Nov. 17 after NFL game, then 8 PM Mondays after that

  • I swear I’m not just including this show because Michael Ealy is in it. *swoons* J.J. Abrams’ production company is behind this drama series set in Los Angeles 35 years from now, where the LAPD partners with humanoid robots. I’ve only seen the pilot episode and it’s serving I, Robot teas although I think that only exists as an homage for now. Karl Urban leads the cast as a detective who has a distaste for these androids until he is paired with one who is a little more human than the others. It has high production value and the talent is amazing. I hope it finds a solid audience.


NBC, 10 PM Fridays starting October 25

  • *fans self* Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. I was going to end my preview there. This is a limited series NBC is producing in association with London-based Carnival Films. The titular character, played by Rhys-Meyers, travels to London pretending to be an American on business but in reality he is looking to take revenge on his betrayers from centuries ago. There are 10 episodes in the season and it looks delicious. And it’s premiering just in time for Halloween too!

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

ABC, 8 PM Tuesdays starting September 24

  • I hope I do not regret including this series on my list later on. Coulson lives! Disney and Marvel seal the deal on their partnership with bringing SHIELD to the small screen. Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) leads the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division to work on investigating cases of people with superhuman abilities around the world. There are some Avenger cameos and tons of easter eggs for fans of the Marvel Universe! The action is a lot of fun to watch too. Unfortunately, the show is flat (especially the pilot, written and directed by Joss Whedon) and, well, I feel that it’s dumbed down so the most basic audiences can watch it and keep up each week. It’s a disappointment, especially coming from Joss Whedon’s production house, known for its “smarter” concept development in the past. Despite this, it holds a strong audience and has been guaranteed a full season from ABC.