Bachelor of the Week - Jason Ganski

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Due to popular demand, the Femme & Fortune team will be bringing you more local bachelors each week to satiate your visual appetite. This week, we have the oh-so-cool Jason Ganski from local full-service design agency, Sedso Design. Keep reading to learn more about Jason and enjoy!

JasonGanski-2Name: Jason Ganski, A.K.A. Baby J, A.K.A. Sandwich Smalls, A.K.A. J Gee, A.K.A. The Dolphin Don, A.K.A. The Heartbreak Kid, A.K.A. Doggie Daycare, A.K.A. Nightshift Jones, A.K.A. Young Pen Tool, A.K.A. Big Earl, A.K.A. J De Niro,  or I guess you can just call me J. Only my Mother calls me Jason.

Location: Kenzo (Old Kensington) Occupation: Creative Director, Designer, CEO, and everything else at SEDSO DESIGN

Favorite Philly hotspot and why: I'll drink anywhere anywhere. I hope that doesn't make me seem like an alcoholic.

If you could give dating advice to your 16 year-old-self, what would it be? You're way too young to be dating.

What's the perfect first date? Good conversation.

Dating Deal Breaker? Someone that can't laugh at a joke.

Celebrity Crush: I think Irina Shayk the model has got it going on. Of course I went model on this one.

Halloween costumes for women - trampy, classy or witty? Class over ass. That's a everyday thing not just Halloween. I was born on Halloween so I take this matter rather seriously. There's nothing more unattractive  than a poorly dressed woman.

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