A Pumpkin DIY Round Up

Hey Femmes! Can you believe October is already almost over?! When the days are shorter and the nights are longer, it seems like time really is flying - and fast! So I've gathered some amazing DIY pumpkin ideas that would make for great weekend projects! And the best part is, you probably won't need to carve out any!

geometric-pumpkinsBecause who doesn't love a good chevron or striped pattern? And if you're feeling adventurous with shapes and painter's tape, you can also try the design on the right. floral-pumpkinIf you don't have the time or patience to carve out a pumpkin, try using it as a flower vase! No sketching and stenciling involved. This would be a super easy project to give Halloween a more feminine flair. colorful-pumpkinsNot feeling the overload of orange? Opt for a white pumpkin or try spray painting it. And for an even easier option, why not use colored push pins?  textured-pumpkinsAnd if you're up for getting your hands a little dirty with glue, try this glittered pumpkin design! I'm more of the doily type so that's one that I'm willing to try for sure.

So what will your pick be, ladies? I know I'm going for floral so I can put it outside my door - kind of like a planter and pumpkin in one, right? I hope you all have a great weekend and be sure to share some of your weekend DIY's with us!


Geometric 1/2 Floral 1/2 Colorful 1/2 Textured 1/2