Bachelor of the Week - Todd Zamostien

Name: Todd Zamostien

Location: Fistown

Occupation: Musician (see him play lead guitar for North Lawrence Midnight Singers as well as on his solo project Bastards of Earle)

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? I hope in five years that I will remain content, enchanted and excited with every aspect of my life. Whatever it becomes, I hope I am surrounded by great people.

Philly Bachelor of the WeekTell us about your perfect first date? The perfect first date is one that finds its own path. Maybe it starts out simple--a meeting for coffee or a drink, but when things feel right between two people, when conversation and smiles come easy, you have to step out of the way and let the Ouija board do its thing! Share a nice bottle of red wine and see where things go--dancing, live music, a blanket under the stars. Maybe the night ends at an all-night Diner, greasy home-fries and all! And, of course, a kiss.

Favorite Philly restaurant? It's hard to nail down one place, as I am a pretty adventurous eater and like to mix it up when it comes to restaurants. But, a few of my favorites in the city are Bibou, Zahav, and Mercato. Though, as of late, and in my advancing years, I've become increasingly healthy. So, vegetarian is also always cool with me!

Celebrity crush? I don't get too caught up in admiration (or lust) of famous female celebrities, but if I was "forced" on a date with one, I guess I could deal with: Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba. Ok, can I throw in Shakira? Have you seen the way that woman moves?? (Yes, yes we have Todd!)

What's your dating deal breaker? My deal breaker would be someone who doesn't like to let loose, is close-minded or takes things too seriously.

What's your favorite pickup line? I wish I was suave enough (or witty enough) to pull off a one-liner. I've generally done alright just being myself, finding the start to a conversation in the moment. Sometimes it's the start to a smile, sometimes its the start to a very awkward glance in my general direction. I generally prefer the smile.

For more Todd, check him out in his first video for Bastards of Earle, Downtown Girl.

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