Petite Ladies, Break Style Rules this Fall

There is an abundance of fashion advice and rules that petite ladies are told to follow, but personal style is just that: personal.  So the next time you want to put an item back on the shelf or remove it from your online shopping cart because of your size, consider breaking some style rules first.

  1. Wear loose clothing. Generously cut pants and looser tops can be found in abundance this season in stores.  So don’t be afraid to buy this style in petite proportions. Please note that wearing loose clothing doesn’t mean wearing clothing that doesn’t fit.   Many stores now carry stylish, on-trend clothing options that would easily fit smaller ladies or they actually offer styles with petite sizing. shen1

  2. Wear flats that don’t elongate your legs. A pair of heels can add a stylish edge to your look, but so can flats!  Don’t shy away from flats because of your petite size.  There are an array of stylish flats and low heeled ankle boots available this season that would look awesome on ladies with shorter frames.

  3. Wear oversized bags. Sometimes a small bag is the way to go when you want to travel light, but don’t be wary of wearing an oversized bag because of your small size.  Large scale bags in neutral colors are timeless, so get that one statement bag for the season in a large size and rock it with your chic fall looks.  P.S. your oversized bag can double as a carry-on when you travel during the holiday season.c8702a1edc940b4a2a261c9f04d6ca4a

  4. Wear sweaters and sweatshirts with words, animals and graphics that could get you mistaken for a teen. Embrace your youthful size and height by wearing clothing that you could share with your younger sister.  There are some stylish sweater options that would pair nicely with basics for a fresh take on your casual or weekend outfits.tumblr_maabiosZNw1qc8yajo1_1280

  5. Wear bold patterns and oversized prints. Petites are sometimes advised not to wear patterns and prints that will overwhelm their frame or height, but don’t let this stop you.  Wear those bold patterns this season.  You can even mix bold prints and patterns together if you like.

    Ladies: What style rules do you enjoy breaking?

    Top Image: Sossi Flats from Nine West; Marled Sweater from F21; Hearts and Club Print Pants from ASOS; Suede Zip Booties by GAP; Photo of Julianne Hough; Last Image from Tumblr