Enjoy A Day of Serenity At Pure Spa

Pure | SpaMelissa and I have been working round the clock juggling all of the creative hats that we wear on a daily basis. So when the opportunity came for us to visit Pure Spa and have a relaxing day to unwind, we didn’t hesitate. What could be better than heading out on a Wednesday to a small and darling town outside of our normal hectic city life to just relax in a serene environment free of stress? As if our trip and stay there couldn’t be any better, it was topped off by Mimi’s staff and how great they made us feel. Pure Spa | Femme & Fortune-3

One of their main goals is to make all of their clients feel happy and good about themselves by complementing your inner beauty with your outer beauty. Unlike most other spas, Pure Spa is more of an intimate neighborhood place that makes anyone feel special because of the staff’s high level of expertise, skill and care. After arriving for an appointment, you’re whisked off into one of their beautiful rooms for the ultimate beauty, skin and body treatments.

Which is why we’re so happy to share with you our talk with Pure Spa owner Mimi Bourgeault here on Femme & Fortune today.

 Name: Mimi Bourgeault Occupation: Business Owner Business: Pure Spa Address: 79 E. Butler Ave, Ambler, PA

Femme & Fortune: Let’s start off with a little background on Pure Spa. How did it all start? Mimi: I opened Pure Spa in 2007. My background has always been in the beauty industry, and I’ve worked in the hair industry for a short while as well. I really felt like a spa was my home and that’s how I’ve created and developed Pure Spa.

Femme & Fortune: What were the biggest difficulties in starting your own business? Mimi: When we started our business, the economy was thriving. And as you know in early 2008, the economy tanked and I believe that that has been our biggest struggle. Also, we started this in a town that was going through a transition towards a downward spiral and we had hoped that we were coming in on an upswing. But really what helped was being patient and waiting for businesses that wanted to stay. Once they started to stay, the traffic soon followed and that’s when Pure Spa started to develop our core clientele.


Femme & Fortune: In opening up your business, what would you say was the biggest help in terms of resources Mimi: Being a single mom, I was extremely driven. Every step that I take goes toward the future of my daughter and that’s what drives me and what keeps me going. She’s also my biggest inspiration and my goal everyday when I wake up is to make a better life for her. 

Femme & Fortune: If you could recommend 3 services for a girl’s night out which would you choose? Mimi: Hot Stone Massage, for sure. I think that’s the ultimate relaxation package. Any facial that we offer because it helps relieve the tension in your face and shoulders. And depending on the season, for summer, definitely have a pedicure for your toes and for winter, have your nails done.

Femme & Fortune: If you could describe Pure Spa in 3 words what would they be? Mimi: Elegant, Relaxing and Serene.

 Femme & Fortune: What would you say is your immediate goal for Pure Spa within the next year? Mimi: I just want for people to know our name. I always dream of being in a public place where no one knows who I am and just overhearing random strangers talking about Pure Spa. That would be my proudest moment ever as a business owner. I want us to be the place where people come to feel better about themselves.

Femme & Fortune: Any advice you’d like to offer other women out there looking to start their own business? Mimi: You have to love what you do and feel good about the product you’re selling and the services you’re providing. If you don’t love it and you’re questioning it from the beginning, then that might not be your path. Passion and commitment are key and if you feel that, TRULY, everything will come together.

It’s not everyday when a woman can feel pampered and we’d love thank Mimi and her awesome staff at Pure Spa for giving us that. Special thanks to Kate for Melissa’s fabulous facial and Michael for my deep tissue massage. We hope to make it out to Ambler again soon for another relaxing day at Pure Spa! Make sure to follow Pure Spa on Facebook and Twitter too!

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