Outstanding in the Field coming to Philadelphia!

The Farm-to-Table movement has been on a slow ascent for a long time, first propelled by only a handful of pioneers around the USA.  The movement that took over 40 years to come to full speed and is now finally chugging around the country with a steady hum.  One of the most unique (and literal) addition to this crusade is Outstanding in the Field, an organization whose overarching mission is to connect diners with local artisans, farmers and chefs.  They are the paragon on the locavore movement.  But they do more than that.  Much, much more. Imagine entering a field, the warmth of the sun still thick on your skin. You’re handed a cool glass of white wine, from a winery only a couple miles away, from the same people who labored and dreamt up the beverage that you’re about to consume.  You stroll around the farm, the horizon studded with wildflowers, sunflowers and crops.  You’re given oysters- plucked from the sea that morning;  Tomatoes sun ripe and fresh from the vine that day; Fish caught on the line by the fisherman you just shook hands with; Potatoes unearthed from the grounds your walking on.  You sit at a seemingly infinite table, with strangers, who are made into your family.  You watch the sun dip into the horizon and kiss the sky with a splendor of color as the air turns brisk, and cool. The sky dims to reveal an endless array of stars- dancing and winking in the shadow of the night. The table suddenly radiant with soft pirouettes of light from candles in mason jars. Food is served with care and love, from the people who made them and grew them, and brought to life as if from a reverie. And in between courses,  there’s laughter and conversation and the luxury of time unwatched.

This roving eatery, a restaurant without walls travels the globe on a vintage red bus.  It is an organization that relies fully in the commitment of its immediate community. Together, these farmers, artisans, and chefs, closely curated and guided by the Outstanding in the Field team redefines the Farm-to-Table experience into a type of art form. While they stay true to their mission, at the root of its quest, Outstanding in the Field fabricates an evening of rapture and magic. They whip up an experience that exists only for an evening, from farms, to islands and even sea caves, and as quickly as they came- they are gone.  And we are left with full stomachs, a sense of wonder and glittering memories of a starlit evening.

For those living in the Philadelphia area, Outstanding in the Field will be hosting dinners at Blooming Glen Farm at Perkasie, PA and Culton Organics of Silver Spring, PA this weekend on September 21 and September 22.  If sold out- you can contact the team directly, and they may be able to find a way to accommodate you. Below is the menu that we enjoyed in the video above!
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Menu: East Hampton, NY  |  EECO Farm  |  Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chef Jason Weiner of Almond Restaurant in Bridgehampton, NY; Almond NYC in New York, NY; L&W Oyster Company in New York, NY

Wine: Channing Daughters of Bridgehampton, NY and Paumanok Vineyards of Aquebogue, NY

Tete de Cochon, Peach MostardaFluke Crudo, Sea Salt & Olive OilLiver Crostini, Pickled GarlicOysters, Yellow GazpachoPaired with 2012 Channing Daughters Cuvee Tropical

Tuna Crudo: Green Zebras, Purple Cherokees, Sungolds, Everything Bagel CrumbsPaired with 2012 Paumanok Dry Riesling

Fish & Chips: Black Back Flounder, Red Hake, Fingerling Tostones, Five Herb RemouladePaired with 2011 Channing Daughters Pinot Grigio

Black Mussels: Coriander, Saffron, Leeks, Rouille, Grilled BreadPaired with 2011 Channing Daughters Tocai Fruilano Mudd West Vineyard

Chicken Fricassee: Maitakes, Kale, Charred Corn, Pomme PureePaired with 2012 Paumanok Cabernet Franc

Cheesecake Tart: Husk Cherries, Vanilla-Ginger Syrup, Thai Basil