A Cause Worthy Of Your Locks: HopeCuts

City of Hope HopeCuts Looking for a fresh new fall look? Why not start with your hair. HopeCuts, the largest beauty industry fundraiser in the United States, is taking place this Sunday, September 15th (with some salons hosting the event on other dates as well). During HopeCuts, participating salons in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey (just to name a few) donate their time and effort to raising money for finding a cure to life-threatening illnesses like cancer, HIV/AIDS, type-1 Diabetes and more. 100% of all proceeds for certain services will benefit City of Hope directly. A few of the salons participating this year graciously gave Femme & Fortune some insight on why they're involved and what HopeCuts means to them. Read them below and make sure to visit a salon this upcoming Sunday to help this amazing cause. For a list of salons participating, click here. [separator type="thin"]

rosa_barretoElegant Studio

5262 Horrocks Street, Philadelphia "I've been involved with HopeCuts for almost ten years now and was first introduced to City of Hope when I worked at another salon. I met Harry of City of Hope because my grandmother had passed away from Ovarian Cancer and I didn't know much about cancer back then. I wanted to get involved and make a difference so more people knew about it, especially in the Spanish and Latin community. Around every spring season, we also host a hair show where I ask different local salons to showcase hairstyles to the rest of the community to raise money for City of Hope. I do this because I want to give hope, courage and love to others. I want everyone to understand that life is timely and you have to cherish every second of your life with others. HopeCuts is in memory of my own daughter who passed away last year at six years old from a brain tumor, and now my 27 year old son, who has been diagnosed with lymphoma. Cancer is common with any community. Ten years ago, no one knew about cancer and now it's like a flu that affects everyone. If we all come together and do one little thing to help the cause, it really makes a difference. " - Rosa Barreto of Elegant Studio  [separator type="thin"]

Tundella & CoTundella & Co.

130 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia "When we received a letter from City of Hope with the offer to participate this year in this wonderful project, HopeCuts, we became very excited and proud.  We are proud because of the opportunity to use our skills and time to help make something positive for those who need it. We strongly believe that our involvement in HopeCuts can make a difference.  This year’s HopeCuts event will have a special meaning for Tundella & Co. because it will be our first fundraiser organized in our salon. Our salon is comparatively new, and like any new business, we have been working on attracting new clients and building a foundation all this time. However, helping others and giving back to the community has been always our priority and when we were given a chance to do that, we were so thrilled!!! To us, one of the most appealing aspects of City of Hope is their commitment to a broad spectrum of numerous life-threatening conditions and finding sources to fight for cures for many diseases, instead of focusing on just one. Thank you, City of Hope for granting this honor to Tundella & Co., and we will do our best to collect as much as possible that day!" - Margarita Gavaryan of Tundella & Co. [separator type="thin"]

Raylon Corp. President Josh HafetzRaylon Corporation

Professional Salon Products Distributor and HopeCuts Benefactor/Parent Sponsor "City of Hope is an amazing charity that has a direct impact on many people within our industry as well as some of our associates, so we are very passionate about supporting the cause.  COH has a rich tradition with the beauty industry, specifically through HopeCuts.  It allows salons to get involved directly with their clients to raise money for an awesome cause. Additionally, our relationship with Harry and his team at City of Hope makes it that much more rewarding for us to be involved and donate products for the salons to use during HopeCuts. We're also very excited about the Fantasy Hair Event this year where participating salons that raise $500 or more will qualify to enter City of Hope’s annual fantasy hair show 'Universal Warrior' on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at Voyeur Nightclub!" - Josh Hafetz of Raylon [separator type="thin"]

Salon-Royale-Court-opening4Salon Royale Court

1822 Spruce Street, Philadelphia "Salon Royale Court is doing HopeCuts to help raise money for a great cause - it's a way to give back. When I asked my staff to donate their time for HopeCuts they all said yes with no questions asked. Myself and staff members have had many family and friends die to cancer, and loved ones still fighting everyday so for us this touches home. If taking a few hours out of our day to raise money to find ways to help I say why not!" - Heather Michalak of Salon Royale Court [separator type="thin"]

Headhunters Salon PhiladelphiaHeadhunters Hair Design

1718 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia "A year ago a very close family friend passed away from lung cancer, so we do HopeCuts in honor of him and to help other people suffering with life-threatening illnesses. At our salon, we have all had women close to us pass from a life-threatening disease and we are excited to help others as they might have helped our loves ones. Our number one goal this year is to raise more money than last year for this great cause!" - Nancy Melchiore of Headhunters Hair Design