Made in America Survival Guide

made in america festival survival guide It’s finally here; the most anticipated summer music festival in Philadelphia hits the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. That’s right, Budweiser’s Made In America Festival is THIS Labor Day weekend. I know I personally bought my two day pass back in April and have been counting down the days to this amazing event ever since. Just the line-up alone is enough to excite almost any music lover. Well-known artists like Deadmau5, Empire of the Sun, Calvin Harris, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will take the stage before headliners Nine Inch Nails and Beyonce wrap up the show. I know I’m hoping Jay-Z and Blue Ivy make an appearance!

Though I did not attend Made in America last year, I did go to the Bamboozle music festival at Giants Stadium way back in 2009. It was one of the best weekends of my life, but I learned how fun and insane music festivals can be. In order for you to make the most of your Made In America experience, I have put together a survival guide so you can spend your time enjoying the music instead of waiting in line for food or the bathroom. Here are some tips to ensure you have the best music festival experience possible:

1.    Plan out your day before you go.  There will be three stages with artists performing throughout the day, so make sure you check out what time and stage the artists you want to see will be playing. There is a chance some of your favorites may be on at the same time but on different stages.

2.    Have a buddy system. Do not go anywhere alone! There are going to be many massive crowds of people, so it will be easy to get lost. Make sure to take at least one buddy with you if you leave the pack and pick a meeting spot in case you get lost, especially because the phone signal is weak and they do not really work.

3.    Bring cash. If you plan on buying food or drinks at the event, make sure to bring a good amount of cash with you. That way you won’t have to worry about losing your card or waiting in line at one of the ATMs. Last year 24 oz Tall Boy beers clocked in at $13 a pop with food being on the more expensive side as well. No hard alcohol is sold at the event.

4.    Stay hydrated! It is going to be hot this weekend so make sure you drink lots of water! Luckily this festival lets you bring in one sealed factory water bottle to drink and will provide free refilling stations for you to fill up your bottle throughout the day. If you don’t drink lots of water you will dehydrate really quickly and may feel dizzy or faint. No one wants that!

5.    Eat before you go. Make sure to fill up on some grub before you leave for the festival! Food is expensive, the lines are long, and you are not allowed to bring any outside food in so make sure you have a big breakfast to avoid spending money and waiting in lines.

6.    Use a drawstring bag to carry items. Leaving items like your cash or phone in a pocket or purse is less than ideal. Items can be stolen or fall out of your pockets easily and purses can be an annoyance t have around. A drawstring bag allows you to fit any items you may need and are easy to have at the festival.

7.    Don’t bring anything valuable. Items can be lost easily in the crowd at these types of festivals, so do your best to bring as little as possible and items you wouldn’t mind getting lost. Wear cheap $2 eyeglasses and leave the fancy iPhone behind.

Follow these tips and you will be sure to have a safe, fun, and amazing time rocking out to these stellar bands. Hope to see you there!

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