Blog Bloom

Blog Bloom Philly 5 This past Saturday we taught our very first official Blog Bloom Workshop! It was awesome meeting our students for the first time and being able to teach them how to create and maintain their own websites. Here's Melissa above teaching Susan the ropes of making her own Wordpress website!

Blog Bloom Philly 3

This is a super cute mason jar with chalkboard paint and lots of useful goodies inside. Our 1 student, Bob, didn't seem to mind the glitter at all. : )

Blog Bloom Philly 1

And here was our little break area full of comfy seating, cupcakes, coffee and food. It was great to know one another more, talk about our backgrounds, and to find out how small the world really is (turns out I knew one of the attendees from college!). It was a great learning experience for us as well as Melissa and I learned more about how to run a business and the type of lesson plan we want to teach moving forward. We're excited to teach more of you all about the digital world in the months to come, so sign up for a class soon!

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