Meet Kate of Philly PR Girl

The brains behind the operation Philly PR Girl, Kate Marlys, is one of our favorites here at FEMME & FORTUNE. She's beautiful, confident, smart and her own boss. Not only has she founded a great company, but she continues to use her PR skills to network talented people together to work in collaboration. kate-marlys

Femme & Fortune: How did you get into the PR field?

Kate: I've been working with non-profit organizations for a long time and have always enjoyed doing their marketing and public relations.  My clients are from all over the United States, which inspired me to dedicate my time outside of work to something local  because I love Philadelphia.  Thus, I started Philly PR Girl.

Femme & Fortune: How did Philly PR Girl begin and where do you see it going in the next year?

Kate: It began as a blog in 2010.  I was always out and about and people would always ask me, "What's going on this week in Philly?" So I started a weekly post aptly named "This Week in Philly."  After that, the blog expanded and so did my team. Eventually it grew into a full-service PR company.  Next year I'm going to be focusing heavily on events.  One of the company’s goals is to be recognized as the go-to company to promote your event in Philadelphia.

Femme & Fortune: What can people expect when they come to Philly PR Girl?

Kate: Our blog will continually let people know about great events in the city.  As always, for those who can't make it to the events, they can rely on Philly PR Girl being there to provide a recap!  As a business you can expect to see us in the streets and at events of Philadelphia.

Femme & Fortune: What are some of your favorite moments as being Philly PR Girl?

Kate: Of course there are some phenomenal events in this city, but the moments that I hold near and dear are my networking events.  When I first started out, I planned networking events for social media and PR professionals so that I was able to network with local media and tastemakers.  It is genuinely a great feeling to have helped bring so many talented individuals together; when I see people working side by side as a result of attending one of my events,  I get so excited!  Events like that really hit home for me and I want to continue hosting similar functions just like it.


Femme & Fortune: What's your favorite neighborhood in Philly and why?

Kate: I'm an equal opportunity neighborhood jumper.  Northern Liberties, Fishtown, Fairmont, Old City....I love them all!

Femme & Fortune: Who are your current clients?

Kate: The biggest project we are currently working on is for a large-scale event, The Philly Fashion Expo.  It's happening this fall at the Liacouras Center right after New York Fashion Week.  It's an industry trade show event with live runway shows and entertainment.  I am still working with 215NYE with whom we worked with on the NYE 2013 at Lincoln Financial Field.  We have big things in the works for next year!

Femme & Fortune: What would you say inspires you?

Kate: Hands down, it would be seeing all of our hard work and long hours pay off after the last person leaves a successful event.  We don’t have a lot of down time because we’re always ready for the next big project.

FF_DSC_4728Femme & Fortune: What would be your best advice for others trying to get into PR?

Kate: Find your niche.  Loving PR is great, but find the best way to use your personal skill-set to help your client.  Speaking of clients... don't just take on any client.  Work with a brand or company that is right for you.  It makes all the difference.  Lastly, surround yourself with a good team.  As much as you may want to, you can't do it all by yourself.  I learned that early on and I know the reason why I'm successful is because I have a kick ass team.

Femme & Fortune: What's your favorite social media platform and why?

Kate: Twitter is my first love.  I'm obsessed! Instagram is sneaking up as a close second, though.

Femme & Fortune: Anything else you'd like to share with Femme & Fortune?

Kate: Just that I hope you have checked out our brand new website by now! It was a long time coming and I'm so proud of it! But if you haven't seen it, you can most definitely check it out here!     

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