Sponsor Spotlight: Spodee Wine

Today we are highlighting one of our super awesome sponsors, Spodee Wine! So what is Spodee exactly? It's a wine-slash-spirit-slash-combination of all things good and yummy. It's a beverage that is set to wow Philadelphia. We sat down with the mastermind and creator behind the brand, Steven Grasse to discuss Spodee a bit more.


Femme & Fortune: Describe Spodee in 3 words Steven: Wine with a kick or… Hillbilly Vermouth or… Redneck Port or… Raisinets you can drink!

Femme & Fortune: What are some of your favorite recipes to try with Spodee? Steven: I like it real simple…with lemonade or with San Pelligrino Orange Soda. Although.. It also makes a killer sangria  a delicious chocolate Manhattan!

Femme & Fortune: What makes Spodee different than other wines or cocktails on the market? Steven: Everything. There are no other brands like it on the market. Both the packaging and liquid are totally unique.


Femme & Fortune: Where are some popular locations in Philly where readers can purchase Spodee at and how much is the retail value? Steven: It's available at every state store in PA. And also at a ton of liquor stores in NJ. It retails for about $8.99.

Femme & Fortune: What's next for Spodee? Any upcoming Summer milestones or events to keep an eye out for? Steven: This summer we will start expanding to other states. And, we will be introducing a new Spodee flavor…..which is super yummy.

We can't wait for the new flavor coming out soon with Spodee Wine! Stay tuned for more details on our Official Femme & Fortune Launch Party on July 19th where Spodee will be on-site and giving everyone a delicious taste of summer!

All photos borrowed from Spodee