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We got to speak to Haley Cairo recently on her company and mother-daughter project, Mae Movement, which hopes to create and inspire personal movements. Buying one of the Mae Movement's beautiful bracelets willl help support the foundation Friends of Maiti Nepal that aims to prevent trafficking of women and children. Read on to learn about Haley's inspirational story and what the Mae Movement is all about!

Mae Movement | Femme & Fortune

Femme & Fortune: Tell us about Mae Movement. How did it start?

Haley Cairo: To sum it all up, Mae Movement created it self. My junior year of high school, I lost 80 lbs and became a devoted fitness fanatic and clean eater. At the same time my mom, Dee, and I had discovered these bracelets while on vacation in Florida and brought them back as gifts for friends. We initially loved them for their beauty but when we found out the cause behind them we fell even more in love with them. So we bought more and slowly started selling.

Dee took them to work events or I would sell them to people at my school. I was very involved with my school's student senate and was Vice President of the Delaware State Student Senate. I used the bracelets as my platform to speak to the youth about entrepreneurship and giving back. I also was able to talk about my weight loss and achieving goals no matter what they were. Dee has been a speaker for years, she loves teaching and inspiring others. We both have done a lot of volunteer and charity work throughout the years, so we knew we had something special here. We have so many things that we are passionate about so we decided, why not make a brand that encompasses everyone’s passions, goals and dreams? So Mae Movement is all about inspiring others to be their best self so they can inspire others.

Mae Movement | Femme & Fortune Femme & Fortune: How has your relationship changed after working with your mother?

Haley Cairo: Dee and I are very close… even though I call her Dee sometimes. I have always been very close to her; we can be 110% honest with each other. She is the most uplifting person I know. Without her, I would not be who I am today. Sometimes it can be hard to go from business partner mode to mother, daughter mode. So we try and spend time during the week where we hold each other accountable to not bring up work.

Femme & Fortune: What are some of your favorite beauty products?

Haley: Dee’s favorite products:

  • Olivina soap’s in “The Ocean” These soaps are so great. They are made with natural oils and scents. The scents are very nostalgic.
  • Midopla Hair Mask by Bes, an Italian hair care line. I have been using this for the past few years, it is by far the best hair mask I have ever had.
  • “For your soul” Fragrance by Philosophy, it's light and lemon-y, a great everyday scent.
  • My Mae Movement Bracelets! There is not a day I do not wear them!
  • My Skagen watch - I have been buying Skagen’s for years, You can not beat the quality, the unique designs and for a great price.

Haley’s favorites products:

  • Moroccan Oil- I use it every time I was my hair. I have naturally thick, curly hair. The oil keeps it tame and it smells so good!
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo - I work out so frequently, usually more than once a day. I do not always have time nor do I want to wash my hair that frequently.
  • L’Occitane hand cream in cherry blossom. My go-to hand cream, not too greasy but ultra moisturizing.
  • Garnier Nutritioniste Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller - I do not leave the house with out it! I have gone through so many of these! It is the perfect pick me up, to brighten your face, making you look awake and fresh.


Femme & Fortune: How has creating Mae Movement grown you as an individual?

Haley: In more ways than I could even explain! That is my favorite aspect of our company is it evolves as the individual evolves, or the “mover” as we like to call them. It has exposed me to real life business, e-commerce, networking and everything business related. Where I feel I have grown the most, though, is that I have learned so much about myself. I am not even 19 yet and I have gotten the opportunity to work with some amazing people. It has taught me that you’re never too young to do what you love. Mae Movement has MAE-d me ( we use our own spelling! ) step out of my comfort zone and try new things. Not only do we have a product we are selling but we are inspiring people and being inspired ourselves. I love reading all of the e-mails we receive from people sharing their movements with us. Things in life they have overcome or want to overcome, it is the most rewarding thing.

Femme & Fortune: What are three valuable lessons you've learned having your own business?

Haley: You are never too experienced or too old to learn. The best teachers are the ones that never stop learning. People want to do business with people they like. I truly believe that bringing your business to a personal level is the greatest way to be successful. Rome was not built in a day and neither is a business. Take it apart piece by piece. Focus on that, MAE-K it the best you can. Do not rush. The biggest mistakes we have made have been when we tried to rush through planning things out.

Mae Movement

Femme & Fortune: What are some of your long-term goals for your company?

Haley: To have a clothing line, using our mantras, that not only use sustainable materials but that can also go towards a cause. We are in the planning stages of our own jewelry line as well. I hope to have our site be a community. A place for people to share their movements, get inspired and inspire others. I would like to continue with our blog and YouTube videos to reach a larger audience. I have a real passion for helping others achieve their goals. Whether it is health/fitness related or just overcoming obstacles in their life. A big one for me is self worth, especially with girls, you can expect more YouTube videos about that very soon! Maybe even doing some speaking, and attending youth conferences like the Revolve tour or working with Oprah would be the dream!

Femme & Fortune: Anything else you'd like to tell us?!

Haley: Lastly! We are super excited to be announcing our partnership with the Firefly Music Festival! We will be vendors selling our bracelets and a few new products! We hope to get our vision out and we will be having a huge banner at our booth that people can sign as a promise to themselves to MAE-K their move on this world, be their best self and go out and inspire others!


We'd like to thank Dee and Haley of the Mae Movement in sharing their extraordinarily inspiring story with us!