Do's and Don'ts on Moving


1. Start packing little by little everyday. You'd be surprised at how much stuff you have until you need to put them in boxes.

2. Sort through the things you'd like to keep, toss and give away. Remember that you don't need to keep everything. Figure out the items you no longer use and some items you think your friends might like.

3. Separate things is specific boxes and LABEL them. The unpacking is just as daunting as the packing. Make it easier for yourself by grouping things depending on which rooms they came from. This way, you can separate the boxes as they're coming in to your new home.

4. To save some money, ask some friends to help you move instead of hiring a mover right away. If you're not transporting heavy furniture, chances are you don't need a U Haul van to get the job done.

5. Let things go. Find a whole bunch of notebooks from high school? Don't even think about it.

6. Treat the move like a fresh start.


1. Assume that it's all going to fit because it probably won't. Especially if you're downsizing to a smaller place, ask your future landlord if you can see the place again to refresh your memory and see where things will probably go.

2. Throw everything in a box and call it a day. You might be saving a step or two now, but you'll regret it later when you need put things away.

3. Wait until 2 days before the move to start packing. With every home we stay in, we develop sentimental feelings and attachments to that place. The last few days of your stay should also serve some time for you to say good bye.

4. Pack your cleaning supplies just yet. You'll need them when everything is said and done.

5. Forget to empty out the fridge, oven or anything else that you might have stored food in at some time. Moldy food (or what once was) is not a great way to welcome in new tenants!

Image borrowed from Little Emma English Home