Our Top 5 Bauble Bar Picks

Top 5 Bauble Bar Accessories | FEMME & FORTUNEAccessories can help make or break an outfit. One of the things I find myself battling with is the age old question of quality vs price.  Sure, this JCrew necklace will make heads turn, but not every girl can spare $150 for accessories alone. These days, we have to stretch those bucks wisely and get as much as we can for it. After all, we all work hard for our money, right? One great tip is to find that happy medium between splurging and saving. Splurging would be a really expensive but well-made item. And saving would be a cheap 8 dollar necklace that might tarnish in a week. Lucky for us ladies, Bauble Bar is that perfect middle ground for affordable statement accessories. Embrace buying items that look expensive and won't hurt your wallet! Here are our Top 5 picks from Bauble Bar that are appropriate for Spring and Summer.

1. Melon Deco Strand

2. Lilac Bloom Bracelet

3. Leaf Drop Strand

4. Jade Native Strand

5. Navy Square Wrap