Boutique of the Month - Smak Parlour

Smak Parlour | Femme & Fortune If you haven't heard of Smak Parlour, then you need to get down to 2nd and Market and take a look for yourself. With bursts of pink surrounding the boutique, Smak Parlour is your one-stop-shop for the shopaholic in all of you. We got to sit down with the co-founders and owners of Smak Parlour, Katie Loftus & Abby Kessler, for some insight on their boutique, business and lives!

Smak Parlour | Femme & Fortune
Femme & Fortune: Give us a little background on yourselves and how Smak Parlour came to be!

Katie & Abby: We met when we were 15 and have been dreaming about having a shop together ever since.


Femme & Fortune: What did you go to school for and is it related to your career now?

Katie & Abby:  We went to Drexel for Design and Merchandising so, yes, it is very relevant!


Femme & Fortune: Ten years ago, did you see yourself doing what you're doing now with Smak Parlour? Why/Why not?

Katie & Abby: Again, we’ve been planning this for quite some time and everything we’ve done has been a stepping stone to get to this point. We feel that our hard work has paid off and we are very thankful that we have made our dream a reality.


Femme & Fortune: How do you balance your personal and professional life together?

Katie & Abby: Being bff’s, we have spent practically every waking moment together so you could say we are extremely close both personally and professionally. It’s difficult not to focus on “work” in our spare time together as that’s all we’ve spent our time together doing through the years (a labor of love)! It should be said though, we definitely have our share of fun!


Femme & Fortune: Do you have a creative process? How do you get inspiration for your work?

Katie & Abby: We design and carry pieces that we want in our personal wardrobes. We figure if we want it, or notice a need for it in the market, others probably feel the same. We share nearly the same opinions on style through our shared aesthetic we built after spending so many years together, which is a plus for sure.


Femme & Fortune: What's been the greatest lesson you've learned as an entrepreneur?

Katie & Abby: Be sure to do something you are absolutely passionate about because starting your own business is like having a baby. All of your time and attention will go into nurturing and growing your business. You must be prepared to put in all the work. On the plus side, the result can be very rewarding. We can’t imagine doing anything else.


Femme & Fortune: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Katie & Abby: Having several Smak Parlour locations and buying from all over the world.


Femme & Fortune: What are some of your favorite blogs and magazines that you would recommend as a daily read?

Katie & Abby: We like TrendHunter, Chictopia, Design Sponge, and local blogs like Stylish Thought. There are just so many!!


Femme & Fortune: What fashion trend are you most excited about for the Spring/ Summer?

Katie & Abby: The light colors are a welcome addition to our wardrobes as the weather heats up. There are so many beautiful soft colors our right now, like mint green and coral. After a long winter of basically black, pops of color and cute prints (polkadots, flowers etc…) make us happy!


Femme & Fortune: You work with a few charities in the city. Can you tell us more about those initiatives and why you chose them? How can others get involved if they want to help too?

Katie & Abby: Yes, there are many causes and charities which we support. One of the causes we are deeply committed to is animal welfare. We work with PAWS and The Humane League and try to aid them in their missions to protect the most vulnerable. Both of these wonderful organizations thrive on the help of volunteers. There are so many ways to help!

new-storefront Big thank you to Smak Parlour and to learn more, visit their website or stop in yourself at 219 Market Street!